Q0974. What do you think, can twinflames come together?


What will happen if you come together in an earthly relationship? What are you afraid of? What do you encounter? What will others think?

I think that everything is going at a rapid pace with us, in a rapid acceleration, I am sometimes afraid of that. I myself have experienced that sometimes I saw twinflames a few times, and then it went so fast, with feelings etc that I was very tired in the evening. But I still think it will be a point of rest, as long as I am at my place. That just needs time. for both. Well what do others say? I am not so worried about that, if they see us together, then we radiate so much light hahah no one can ignore it, the most important thing is who do you live for, for yourself or for others? Success Love.

Answer 2
In itself, I am absolutely not afraid of getting into an earthly relationship with my twinflame. No, because I think that will eventually happen. What I am “afraid” of is that it would happen prematurely. And I mean “scared” in the sense that I want to avoid that anyway, because if you start doing something for which the time is not yet ripe, there is a good chance that it will fail, because there are too many Forces that disagree or support it. And that would be an eternal sin. That is why I would rather wait patiently for the time to come, and I do not feel that this is the case at the moment, which I am not at all afraid of what other people will think of my choice. Why would I? No, I don’t see why I should be afraid of that, it is my personal choice that they may or may not accept. I ask if I certainly do not demand that others (family, friends) will accept my choice.

Answer 3
I have no expectations whatsoever. We have a karmic task and we throw over all antics and frills. Others will not understand it, they will have to be at peace with it and remember that we owe it to ourselves that we have to work together, redo things.
(Who knows)

Answer 4
Twinflames I believe will come together. That is inevitable. But only when both halves are completely whole and have worked through everything they had to work through. And that can take many lives. Often two halves do not merge and one is ready for reunification earlier than the other.

Answer 5
What do I encounter? Against twinflame itself. I do not want an earthly relationship with twinflame at all. I already have a satisfying earthly relationship.

Answer 6
Think that in an earthly relationship it is very important to be honest with yourself and you must want to see everything in yourself, including your dark sides (fears and anger). There will be a lot of love, but maybe also confrontations. I think the trick is to treat yourself and your twinflame very lovingly when you meet each other in such a confrontation. As long as you are very afraid of what others think, you may not be ready for such a relationship …