Q0958. Love and sex at ‘the highest level’?


How do you experience sex and love at ‘the highest level’?

Answer 1
I have no sex with my twinflame, who has been in bed with someone else for years, with whom he apparently feels very close. I say this ironically, because he chose her over me and I cannot put it well in the twinflame light.

Answer 2
Although I have no physical contact with my twinflame, I do with her countless times in my mind / astral or whatever you want to call it. That is many times more intense than the partner with whom I am married. Sometimes I wonder if it is a kind of “adultery”, other times I know it is inevitable.

Answer 3
I also have multiple souls with whom I have sex at a higher level. This is automatically enriched for pleasure. And it all goes automatically, you can’t do much about it. But I do feel a real sense of true love when I am with my twinflame.

Answer 4
Following 1, I do not experience any love at the highest level, at least not with my supposed twinflame, shocking to hear that I probably never felt that for him, although I felt something but it was not love. I don’t like his personality even hates it. So sorry but it’s the way it is.

Answer 5
Answer 4 Is it not a reflection of yourself. Twinflames mirror each other. In fact you are talking about yourself.

Answer 6
What do you dislike about his personality? If it is not wise to just accept it, then go against it. Because you are forever connected to him. That way you only hurt yourself even more.

Answer 7
In various exits and dreams I have had this with my twinflame. It was heavenly, not comparable to earthly sex.

Answer 8
But your brain has never gained this experience and can only link it to the ecstasy you may have ever experienced during a sexual encounter with someone you love. That is why you remember this as a sexual contact. But the reality is more than likely that a soul melting (for a short duration) has taken place.
(Hans Kamps)

Answer 9
Well answer 1, how silly for you if you really made it clear to your twinflame that you wanted him and she will go with someone else! Cruel.

Answer 10
For over a year I have had astral love and sex my my twinflame. So intense, intense and special that it certainly felt like adultery to me. That’s why I decided to leave my wife. But when my dear twinflame turned out to be happily married, I tried again with my wife – also for our two beautiful daughters. Then it sometimes felt like we were in bed with his 3-n.

Answer 11
There is a mistake in my answer, think correct it yourself. Can it still be adjusted? This should be m: Well answer 1, how silly for you if you really made it clear to your twinflame that you wanted him and he will go with someone else!

Reply 12
@ antw 5 Remco: I am v antw 4. No, I do not agree. I said I hate his personality, not his soul (apparently). Those are 2 different things.

Answer 13
answer 6: so if I accept his personality I will no longer be in pain? That is exactly the status quo: I certainly accept the personality of my twinflame, but I just don’t feel any love for it, should that be the case? I don’t think coercion is good; no more than forcing one twinflame to merge with another. And that “eternal union”, lol, it looks like you’re saying “eternal damnation,” hahaha! Sorry, just kidding. But it will all be fine. Reply 11: ..hihihihi ..: D

Answer 14
Answer 6: As if my twinflame does love me, I didn’t think so: My twinflame denies that I exist in all tones, in the “real” world, in other words in front of other people in front of others. On the other hand, he pulls at me like crazy and tries to make constant contact with me, that is to say in the material world. In the real world he has regularly made me look crazy. Can you feel love for such a person? Not me.

Answer 15
Answer 12 How is his personality then that you hate it? He also shows his behavior when he is in your dreams. Because it is probably also covered there.

Answer 16
Answer 15 Remco: hi thanks for your explanation, I am vw 12. Amusingly enough, I rarely dream about my twinflame, maybe twice a year. If it is more I can never remember anything about it. But I must say that I am not good at remembering dreams. I don’t believe it was bad dreams when he appeared in it, not exciting or anything, actually very neutral. Would that also mean something? Furthermore, I cannot say that my twinflame has a super nasty personality, no. Only maybe I am a bit critical about certain traits, plus it is of course subjective. .

Answer 17
No answer 13 This is of course not necessary. I also feel no love for her. Maybe that will come, but if she doesn’t want to, it will naturally stop. But yes, we are always and forever connected to each other. How do you deal with that?

Answer 18
A. How do I “deal with it”? You mean wrs by the fact that twinflames will be linked together for “eternity.” To be honest, my opinion at the moment is that it certainly doesn’t have to be that sure. I am a very sober personality by nature. Furthermore, I am not even 100% sure that the person I am in contact with is actually my twinflame. Look, I am super sensitive and it may well be that I am unintentionally open to people who are fond of freewheeling in the mystique of subtlety. Maybe it’s just someone who is obsessed with me for the reasons of the EAA. I don’t like this. Now I leave it behind me. As long as there is nothing tangible and no evidence, I leave it for what it is and I just continue with my life. If my “tz” didn’t feel love for me either, is that just welcome, a relief. Maybe there was a time when I thought differently. Now, however, I would be super happy! if so. We will see what the future brings and it will depend in part on the choices we make.

Answer 19
I experienced it myself that way one day or another I suddenly became paranormal. And I could come into contact with the deceased. I have already done a lot of astral readings in my area. I think people should just know that, but they don’t bring it out and that is understandable. Then I came a girl who had also lost a friend. I have given her various personal readings. Then suddenly I was told by my Guide that that is your twinflame. I asked her do you want a spiritual relationship with me. And she agreed that she wanted to, but later on we had a meltdown together. We are still in contact today and I still feel her very strong.

Answer 20
I also met my twinflame and we have had a relationship for 3.5 years. The intensity is enormous. On both the mental and physical level. If we look at each other while making love, then we become 1 and almost drowned in each other. We make love every day and it is always great. We feel each other, so double intense.