Q0931. How do you describe the feeling of your soul love when you are together?


Experience the feeling of your soul love. How do you describe the feeling of your soul love when you are together?

Answer 1
A feeling of unity, a feeling of coming home to a long journey, peace, peace in my heart, everything falls into place. Love him with heart and soul. Things that I thought were important at first come to be in 2nd place when I meet up sweetly or when I’m (just) with him. How do you describe it? Love (Butterfly)

Answer 2
It is comprehensive: I feel very comfortable with my twinflame, but there are also moments when I cannot be myself at all, the ego gets in the way and I worry about how I come across … There is a very strong feeling of love when I look at him, that can really flood me. Looking into each other’s eyes is sometimes too intense, so intense that it is only possible for a moment. I often have to laugh at him and he at me, we are on the same wavelength in everything. In short, it is like this: he feels like a part of me and I think I am a part of him. (Unknown)

Answer 3
We hardly see each other, but when we are in the same room, we MUST look at each other. Then there is a huge attraction. I often feel a great need to look him in the eye, because then I really see him again if you know what I mean. As if I look through all layers of the physical illusion. The same applies vice versa. When he looks into my eyes, I actually feel seen. I was embarrassed with many other men, but with this man I even want him to look at me that way. If there is eye contact, I always notice that he too feels that ‘something’ is going on, although I doubt that he will interpret it as being a twinflame .. In addition to all this, I feel an overwhelming love, unconditional. Not just for him, but for life itself. Looking at him is knowing again why I am here and what life is really about. There is nothing more beautiful than that for me. (Flower)

Answer 4
Am from answer 1. Yes, that’s how I describe / experience it. Love (Vlinder)

Answer 5
I feel more like her guardian angel. What you all describe is how I experience it (Unknown)

Answer 6
I feel like his princess. He always keeps a nice distance, but I can feel and see from everything that he wants nothing more than being close to me. He is very respectful and kind to me, and protective. My heart melts when he stands up for me … (Unknown)

Answer 7
Heavenly feeling, feeling that I am being lifted up and that I am no longer in this world. My eyes do not want to and cannot keep away from her and her eyes are the most beautiful and sweetest I have ever seen. Deep, deep, deep peace. Feeling sad to leave her again. Would really like to see her again. (Unknown)

Answer 8
@ answer 6: What you say about your heart that melts when it comes up for you, I completely recognize! The feeling of being a princess, I have not thought of that at all anymore, but I fully recognize it now that you are writing about it. My twinflame regularly came to my mind, or asked me questions about which I initially did not know what to do with them. In the meantime I know that he wanted to know how things were going in certain cases, because he would rather not see me hurt. Yesterday I remembered that I always feel very “woman” with him. A bit like the “You Tarzan, me Jane” feeling. If a man loves a woman, he likes to be her protective hero. And I love having a man with a backbone beside me. For that reason too, I still miss him regularly. (Flower)

Answer 9
Hi Bloem, I was of the “princess answer”. Yes, it is such a primordial feeling, right? That the man protects you and jumps into the breach for you. Last year at a party he asked what I wanted to drink. While he listed what I could choose, his hand was on my back and it felt very nice, as if he were with me with all his attention. He always has something worrying about me when I’m in his neighborhood. He then makes me tea or coffee, gets something tasty because he thought I would like that, and when we were outside once in the evening he asked if I wanted his vest against the cold. Another time he kept the door open for me, while my husband usually goes in first and never keeps the door open … grrr. twinflame also sees everything; if I have hung something new on the wall in an inconspicuous place for example. It is so sweet! It’s in those little things, things that make my twinflame so beautifull. The other way around I also have that caring. He also often asks me for advice on everything and sometimes he eats here. Then he always says it was tasty … yes, he is the sweetest in the world. (Unknown)

Answer 10
Oooh Lord, what great answers again !! It is wonderful to read this, thank you. It is all so true here, I also feel like his little princess. I get so much love from him so much respect. I also feel such a strong woman when I stand next to him. Together so strong. He is also my prince, I love him unconditionally. Love (Butterfly)

Answer 11
Well this is true divine love of a prince on the white heavenly horse. Who descends on the earth to find his true love deep down (Unknown)

Answer 12
Answer 10, in the previous life I was a princess ha LOL, and I also felt that way with my twin! After that I was married to (only) a viscount. With my twin I had developed an attracting and repulsive behavior and I let him I clearly notice from my conditioning that he would never have as much to say in the social field as I do, due to his limited origin. Now in this life, what do you think, his horoscope clearly states (with Sun and Pluto near the Mid-sky in the 10th house ): POWER EXERCISE, as a kind of universal reprisal measure (Wieweet)