Q0922. Unconditional / conditional?


If words and actions do not match, does it make sense that unconditionality changes to ‘conditionality’, and that trust, jealousy and jealousy, among other things, increase?

Answer 1
Find those questions deep within yourself, as you know that it is not so. You are connected in love it is never conditional. Your trust in each other needs time and can grow over time. (Unknown)

Answer 2
What kind of words and actions do you mean? Love for the twinflame is always unconditional. Whatever the other person does, you continue to love him / her. Just because they are. (Unknown)

Answer 3
No, I think that is not logical, that is emotional. The soul knows no conditionality. The conditionality is what we humans make of it. If it turns into conditionality, then it is NOT your twinflame. on your twinflame? (Unknown)

Answer 4
I understand what you mean, my twinflame has hurt me incredibly, I still choose to go with him. My love has not changed in depth, but my ego has become a lot harder, trust in the soul is there, but from the ego it is. And I understand that ego too, tricky. If the ego takes over from the love that is inside, then the battle begins within you! You have to trust yourself, I choose love, what do you choose? love (Unknown)

Answer 5
Or you just do not accept that it is your twinflame. A soul is always pure and I never lie like that. And everything you think you hold back will be discussed no matter how harsh the reality is. If you do not understand this, you probably do not have a twinflame because I think that most who have a twinflame know that it is always unconditional. (Unknown)