Q0911. Forced to stay alone?


Unconditional love, never wanting someone else again, all nice and kind, but what if you already know that your twinflame will never be in your life again, because he doesn’t want to? You can’t stay alone your whole life, can you? At least I don’t want that. But I don’t get any new chances in love so far! Bitter pill that twinflames can do whatever they want and get it and you are left alone without new opportunities.

Answer 1
I think it is even more difficult for the person in an earthly relationship. Because he finds out that his or her partner is not what she expected. That seems a much more bitter pill to me. I think a bachelor is stronger in his shoes than someone in an insecure relationship. (Unknown)

Answer 2
How do you know that you will never meet your twinflame again? You have to look at his souls and not at his exterior. Life also has assignments in store for you. Alone or not alone, if you receive your assignment and you do it with great pleasure because it suits you, you also attract other people. (Who knows)

Answer 3
Idd I sometimes also think about that, but think even though you have met your twinflame, for example, and she or he has a partnet, for example, that you yourself are just open to other relationships, and then that will come back for you on your path, I think about it, also because I now know that my twinflame lives on the other side of the world, who knows I may still meet her, but when do not know. That’s why I can’t exclude another relationship. anyway … maybe I know in the back of my mind that it won’t be the same with someone else, but because I don’t know any relationship with my twinflame, I don’t know any better either, so that’s the situation I think? By the way, I don’t think anyone is forced to stay alone, if the other side does, you can, if you want to of course. (Unknown)

Answer 4
You do not know if your twinflame changes your mind. How many relationships do people have in their lives? This dilemma often comes back. Take a look at 872, Punishment, 863, Will twin ever be that far, 865, What now … (Arundash)

Answer 5
Sweetheart, what a negativity dude, there really isn’t one cheerful note in it! It’s me, me, me! You write; 1. You can’t stay alone all your life? Who determines that ..? 2. But I don’t get any new chances in love so far! Who determines that ..? 3. Bitter pill that the twinflame can do whatever he wants and get it and you are left alone without new opportunities .. Who determines that ..? I am now going to give you one very big advice, and when you first try to follow that advice, or even achieve it … we will talk further … LOVE YOURSELF, THEN YOU CAN GO LOVE OTHERS … Who determines that ..? YOU..!!! (TD)

Answer 6
Happiness is a choice. Do you choose to wait at home or are you going to call someone and go out. Time heals time heals all wounds. It then takes on a different shape. Your Soul Love is in your heart. The intention is that you will love yourself again. Work on a positive attitude to life and don’t feel like a prisoner of your life. Make something of it. I have also been in that well, but you only get out of it. Look in the mirror and say sweet things to yourself. (Unknown)

Answer 7
I am the questioner. First answer, I think I have a harder time than my twinflame, because he has children and I don’t, so I wasn’t allowed to experience that miracle and my twinflame did. Second and fourth, maybe I will meet my twinflame again: Yes, I would like that, but my twinflame does not want it and the chance is very small that it suddenly will. Third, I am open to other relationships, I meet many people but I just don’t find anyone. Fifth, yes nice and easy to call someone negative and say that they would not love themselves enough if things go wrong. With this you give everyone who abandons someone else or does something to them a license, because it is then always up to the victim. I just keep finding it stupid that my twinflame is given all the room to make mistakes and that I am left with nothing. Then let me find something else. (Unknown)

Answer 8
@WieWeet: Another striking comment. You are the second in a week and a half that says that you start attracting other people as soon as you do or do exactly what suits you and where your heart lies. That also seems like a good tip for the person asking the question: follow your heart and your dearest dream. Even if you want to become a pit creator. It is also true what someone else said: YOU determine your own chances of love. For now, I have the impression that it feels like you have no opportunities, because you are unconsciously not open to it. And your focus is mainly on him and his life seems great compared to yours. But you can turn the tide by becoming aware of your own dreams and chasing them if possible! Do what suits you and focus on it now. You will see how everything starts to work for you, instead of against you. Good luck! (Unknown)

Answer 9
Forced alone … who says that. You can also make a choice if you want to choose that. Keep working on yourself, see for yourself why you think that way. Doesn’t it have to do with making you dependent on that feeling? It is in you but you can strengthen yourself by continuing to develop. You will see that you will get a completely different view of the twinflame event. Make sure you regain your own strength and have faith in yourself. (Manon)

Answer 10
Hello, I am so happy that you are writing this! I have exactly the same feelings. My twin and I have been together for a while, was the ultimate in feeling but also quite a struggle. Basically, he decided not to go on with me. (keep in touch daily but aside) he just finds a new girlfriend a week later! He doesn’t seem to be bothered by anything, and I have to give him something or something. I am a bit more spiritual than him and I just have a lot more trouble finding a nice man. On photos he looks radiant now that he has released that whole twinflame idea and it seems like I can pay all negativity. Maybe we are just further / stronger than him? I just assume it has a reason. But it feels unfair, I understand what you mean. Has your feeling improved in the meantime? (I think your post is a bit older) Success and trust in your higher spirituality, with me the negative feelings change very much with the positive .. Greetings (Iris)