S075. Because of him I feel 100% complete


I met my soul love last January. My husband and I spent a weekend with my soul love and his wife (by chance). In this weekend we both found out that our feelings for each other go many times further than for our own partners, but thought it was a snapshot. I couldn’t stop thinking about him after the weekend, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I also sometimes felt so nauseous, so weird on the stomach and got chills spontaneously. It turned out that my soul love was very busy with me at that time.
It has overwhelmed me enormously, I was totally upset for a few weeks. We have already seen each other several times, together with our partners. Our partners know that we have a special bond, and that we feel a lot for each other, but we do not say that our feeling is a soul’s love. This simply not to hurt them unnecessarily, because how do you explain such a feeling when they don’t know it?
My husband recently asked me if he and the wife of my soul love would die, how long it would take before we were together. I answered honestly that it would be very fast. My husband did suffer from jealousy feelings for a while and the feeling that I was not that close to him anymore. I could understand that, because those were the weeks that I was completely upset. In the meantime that is completely good again, because I and also my soul love, both do not want to give up our relationship, we just love our own partners too much and have a nice and nice life with them. Fortunately we can get along very well with the four of us, there is also a click between my husband and his wife. Only that click is more on a friendly level.My soul love and I have the feeling of coming home when we are together . Also need to see or speak to each other every day. But we don’t do that. We do feel that things are going well and that we will never lose sight of each other again.
It is difficult. If we followed our feelings completely, we would prefer to live together in one big house (our partners and children). This is of course unthinkable and will not work, but that is how it feels.
I am super happy with my husband, 15 years old, have two treasures from daughters and we make a celebration of our lives. I could not live without my husband, but I can no longer live without my soul love.Because of him I feel 100% complete. A very special feeling, that makes me happy, but also sad, and sometimes confused. I want to see him and hug him every day. The latter will never happen and we both know that. We just have to find a place for it, so that the feeling becomes a bit calmer. We stick to the idea that we will certainly meet again after this life. And we are lucky that we and our partners have become friends of each other. Maybe there is someone who recognizes himself in this story or someone has something about it whose partner has also met a soul love. Because one thing I know for sure I will not give up my marriage. I know and feel that the soul love will last forever.