Q0903. I come across ‘him’ everywhere, what is this?


During the last week I see my twinflame everywhere, that is, not him in his very own person but his name, his initials, the word twins, people who introduce themselves to me and then turn out to be called the same. What does that mean? I never encounter my twinflame myself unexpectedly, even though we live not far apart, in the same city. I do not understand. Who can tell me something useful?

Answer 1
Where do you meet him everywhere and what meaning do you feel it has on you? (Unknown)

Answer 2
I come across more people with the same first name and then also a lot of people who come from his region … I think they are all signs that indicate that energies are flowing from his side towards me, that make me realize that he thinks of me, that he is busy with me … I don’t know either … I then investigate whether those people have anything to do with him, or if they know him … I also come across more souls with whom I have something in common , souls from a past life I think. For example, there is someone who also met her twinflame not long before me and that twinflame knows my twinflame… Strange, all of them… Everything seems to be gaining momentum for me now, sometimes too crazy for words (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes, so here too. The signs keep raining. It doesn’t stop. And I also think that these are energies that bring us closer together. I don’t see or hear him, not for weeks. And I thought about it and came to the conclusion that it almost feels better than seeing each other. Because there is no noise, because it is very clear and pure. When we see each other, there are also two egos tinkering in between, and sometimes those egos hurt too. I dreamed about him again last night. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I also experienced that I increasingly saw my twinflame in others. Even if it was the arm with freckles that resembled my twinflame. I got more and more messages. I knew something was going to happen and I would come across it. Half a year later I ran into him and we immediately got back into a relationship. So curious if you have seen him again. (Alicia S.)

Answer 5
Really! I’ve never heard his name that many times! Especially the way you pronounce it. And I also think I see him everywhere, suddenly many other men remind me of him, bizarre. His hometown said nothing before our meeting, now I regularly have an appointment there and I also always hear on the radio when there is a traffic jam or that there is something special to do there. Even the place where he works “haunts” me. (Unknown)
Answer 6

@ reply 5
This is really very funny, this can be my answer, I experience exactly the same but then also exactly! (Unknown)