Q0901. Short crushes


I met my twinflame via the internet in October 2010. It was (h) recognition, it was intense love for sure … A relationship between us could not, because he was married and could not hurt her, but we still kept in touch … via the internet and it was a continuous process of attracting and rejecting. However, since September 2011 he has blocked me and there is no contact anymore … In the meantime I have fallen in love with someone else twice, once in September and once now (both in love lasted a week at most). With both of them I learned so quickly that they are not my true love, that falling in love was a sham feeling and I found out so quickly that they have so much to hide and actually use me to make themselves a feeling better. I am still together with the second one… I have a hard time putting an end to that now… Moreover, after that week I feel the love of my Soul Love flowing through me over and over again… As I said, m A soul’s love completely banned me from his life. His wife found out at the end of July and he didn’t want to go to war with her anymore … After he blocked me, he let me know that he wanted to get over me. I then told him that I had met that first man and experienced the same feelings again … I think he blocked me because he thinks I never had the same feelings for him, never experienced them … So that’s not true at all, but I have I have never been able to tell him … That distance between us is heartbreaking … I can now let go of him a little easier, but I still feel his deep love for me. But what I really want to say here is that my Soul Love has ensured that I have grown in such a short time and that I almost immediately see other men. Before I met my Soul Love I had a relationship with someone and it took me 12 years to find out that he was not the one for me. I realize all too well that I did not know any self-love at the time and craved attention from others … Now I am so aware of myself and I love myself and I almost immediately know whether someone is a paw. Are there still people who have experienced or experienced this and how do you deal with it? Does a new crush fall on you and do you experience that sham and then that deep intense love for your Soul Love again? I have now reached the age that I would love to have a partner in my life with whom I feel good and secure. My Soul Love knows that, and granted me that happiness. But on the other hand it always hurt him that I had a partner in my life … I apparently can’t bind myself anymore … I think about my Soul Love 24/7 …

Answer 1
I also only think about my twinflame day in and day out and that has been going on for years. That cannot be otherwise because we are deeply connected. This is truly pure pure love on divine so beautiful. Then you want nothing more than just her. I only knew soul love but I have already found the true one and that is it. I had a date late and when I was talking to that girl she got my twinflame through it haha. Yes then it will be difficult to start an earthly relationship because then I will feel my twinflame instead of an earthly friend and that will be unfair to her. But I don’t want to stay alone either. I don’t know how the fairy tale continues between us haha. (Remco)

Answer 2
Hi Remco, Have you never had a relationship further? Are you really waiting for your twinflame? I understood from your answer that you have never had a girlfriend. I believe that you should not put your life on hold for a twinflame, only if it feels 100% good and you cannot do otherwise. But otherwise it is a waste of your time here on earth. Life is a learning school and you can go through it very well (and sometimes better) with someone other than the twinflame. If twinflames have to come together, that really happens. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Answer 2, why should you go through a life with someone else? It can just as easily be done alone. My experience is that old souls do not need socializing or another partner around them. They have almost finished learning. For younger souls that is often different I think. (Who knows)

Answer 4
I was the questioner. I can agree perfectly with answers 1 and 3 .. with some reservations. This is indeed true and pure love and you want nothing else, this is really the maximum you can achieve. That’s why it’s so hard to fall in love … or stay with someone else. It is only possible, that is true, but it still feels nice to be loved, to feel safe … Or is it perhaps that I am not yet completely ready, or ready for my divine mission? I also don’t know how the fairy tale continues between us, but especially whether I will ever see or hear it again. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes Answer 4 You must get the security out of yourself, only then will you be ready for your twinflame. Sex with someone else? I think it won’t work anymore. Security with someone else? You get the spanish stuffy from it. Security through another? Excessive functioning of the reptile brain. No, if you are ready for the twin or as I have a lifelong appointment with him, then you don’t care about NIKS anymore. Because that unconditional love is a persistent, stronger than one hundred horses! (Who knows)