Q0888. Jealous of his partner


Since my twinflame has a new girlfriend, I don’t recognize myself anymore. I am so jealous that he is with her. That while I also have a partner and nothing to complain about. Yet it is very stinging and I don’t want to hear anything about her or see her at all. Who recognizes this?

Answer 1
When I met my twin about thirty years ago, she came after a while with a boyfriend. I was not at all jealous of her boyfriend and I was happy because my twin was very happy with her boyfriend. She also married him, although we were crazy about each other. I don’t see her current husband as a competitor. What I wish is that my twin’s marriage is good and that she is happy in her marriage. I think that is important to her. I just want to be good friends with her and I have had that wish as long as I know her. Her mother has always had other thoughts about it, but I can only do what I feel from my soul and not what other people would like to see. I still love her very much and my wish to be with each other as bosom friends is still true. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Sure it is not nice at all to see your twinflame with someone else and maybe happy too. You might have wanted to be that yourself, but you are the one who has chosen his partner. My twinflame is in a relationship, it is more than clear to me that he chooses to do so, but he will be jealous when the moment comes that I can build something else, that is evident from everything. Sorry, but can you imagine what it means for the other side? Put your egoism aside and grant him his luck. You destroy more with it than you love, after all, the person who stays behind is the one who is allowed to come home alone and who is often not allowed to share anything in his time. Jealousy is a form of uncertainty to get rid of, but had he not lost you long ago? You have chosen and he has every right to continue. And besides, is it perhaps worth asking whether your own relationship is as fine as you think? I understand your jealousy, but also look in the mirror! Success (Unknown)

Answer 3
Questioner have you ever looked at his trial? And are you also jealous of that? I think that if you know his process, the lessons he has to learn and so on, then you will be a lot less jealous, or even be able to snap to him for the moment. , three times a lemniscate!) (Wieweet)

Answer 4
Well recognizable, but not wise! This feeling also passes over. You have a different bond together. Hold on to that! (Unknown)

Answer 5
Ha WieWeet, yes 3 times the Lemniscate, if that is no longer a sign huh? But seriously; yes, I try to look at his trial and then I see this: We lead completely opposite lives (I bound, he single until recently, I neatly he chaotic, I a quiet life with children he a wild bachelors exist etc). But what has been going on lately is that things in his life seem to be moving more towards me. So he is becoming more neat at home, paying more attention to cosiness in his house, going out a little less often, going to live healthier, now has a girlfriend. Of course, he is also getting older and therefore changes. But somewhere in him is an eternal freebooter, someone who will never be committed by anyone. He once literally told me that he only wants to go for true love, then looked me deep in the eyes. He told me that we will be together in the next life. There are endless signs on my way and his (which I have seen myself). And that is why my feeling is tight. I know that he does not feel for this girl what he should feel (he told me that too) and why he still stays with her is beyond me. Doesn’t he want to be alone? Is it about the easy sex? Maybe. And I have to leave him (what else can I do?). I do too, but it hurts me. Unfairly, I know that. Because I also hurt him when I got married, and at many other times. This is part of my process, I have to learn to let go and enjoy the band itself, in essence. Everything around it is only temporary and earthly,