Q1041. Was/is he my twinflame?


Last year, I saw him standing. Love at first sight, also for him, I felt this. What an attraction !!! Huge! Unfortunately after a wonderful start, it ended after a year … I still think about it 24/7 … Is it him?

Answer 1
Yes who else haha.

Answer 2
Sorry if I may disappoint you with this answer, but what I read in your question I don’t think this is the case. twinflame love goes deeper .. you are in a kind of trance where you come into complete contact with the other person without being together. There are no questions at that time … the (chance) encounters that are there are extremely explosive ..

Answer 3
Must be very difficult for you. To feel such a love for someone and that it is now over. Why did it go out? That investigation is important. Think that you can only feel for yourself if someone is your true love. And that may not be immediately clear. With my real love there was ‘something’ right away, but no love at first sight in the traditional sense or as you often see in films. When I met him we both had a relationship and I think we weren’t even open to anyone else, nor were we looking. There was something that unconsciously attracted us to each other and a kind of familiarity or ‘self-evidence’ that I cannot explain. And the first day I saw him, I saw a kind of light or light above his head (never seen again), out of this world. In retrospect, after meeting him, I came in a personal crisis. Became depressed, ill at work for a while and my relationship broke down. Only then did I realize that I had feelings for him and they were so intense that I ran away from them. I also did not accept myself, with all the problems I had then, and was ws. afraid he would not accept me how I was either. Now think that that is the essence of making such a love work: accept yourself completely as you are.

Answer 4
First of all, I want to respond to answer 2: You cannot determine for someone else whether this is your Soulmate, Soulmate or Twinflame. There are only a few psychics / mediums who can know this answer. Often they only “see” if it is a Karmic union. Only in a transformation process and various signs and signals does it become clear which soul love is involved. A twinflame is always sent back on your path. (Also soulmate at a higher level) Follow your heart and do the things you think you should do.
(Alicia S.)