Q0883. Is this it?


When I think of twins, twinflame, soul love, I think of spirituality and love. What I read here is sadness, pain, lack, longing for etc. My image of spirituality and love is something else. Does nobody here have a positive experience? Does love return after a period of sorrow and pain?

Answer 1
There are some positive stories in it, but indeed, there aren’t really many, although they are all piece by piece, special enough to read through… What I can tell you is my feeling , do not talk for others after the period of; intense sorrow, heartache, incomprehension and powerlessness, there comes a period where you learn to understand that letting go really is the purest form of love … Before, after seven months of attracting and repelling, it passed between me and my soul love (December 2010) I had never heard of the concept of soul love !! But somehow I couldn’t let go, and I had to find an explanation of why things had turned out that way. April 2010 I ended up on this site and everything, really everything, then fell apart like a puzzle. . She didn’t want to know anything about it, hadn’t responded to anything before that time, let alone after that time .. Anyway, that only makes it clearer to me, you see .. So on the question ‘Comes after a period of love and pain still the love back` I can answer yes for myself .. But then it is – first of all – about the love that you will have to find in yourself and learn to feel … And then the rest will come naturally .. There I am firmly convinced .. (TD)

Answer 2
People who are happy with their twinflames usually have less need to exchange their thoughts / feelings on sites like this, that’s all. So it is not inherent in twinflame love that pain and farewell per se go with it, but if it is (pain or farewell), then that is usually experienced much deeper than with ‘normal’ love. That is why so many people who have to deal with this have a hard time here. (Unknown)

Answer 3
If twinflames hurt each other, it can have a huge impact. But if at some point they want to make up for it again, there is a good chance that all the suffering will be forgiven. That is the beauty of the whole thing. All the suffering that was based on fear and uncertainty (and the resulting anger) can be sent out anyway, what remains is usually the realization that two people have missed each other very much and are overjoyed to be together again. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Certainly that will come back. More often, periods of pain and sorrow alternate with periods of love and feeling fantastic. It is true that soul love is about spirituality and love. But also about growing, letting go and learning. And that goes with pain and sadness sometimes. (Unknown)

Answer 5
It is full of positive experiences here, I think you read about it? A number do indeed have growth. The soul life is simply of a different order, because twinflames in particular are first put to the test. There you get world literature. Few twins shout it from the rooftops when things are going so well, no they show that through their common task or something, through something they have to do in the world, they have to put down for the next generations. And they are not on this forum, they keep it to themselves. And they propagate it in a different way. (Who knows)

Answer 6
Yes, love is definitely coming back. In my case it concerns love in the form of trust and knowledge. Where love was once very earthly, it is now beginning to become more spiritual. But I am not there yet either. I have no difficulty in letting people go, even in my mind. That takes a lot more effort with my Soul Love. When I focus on letting go, there comes the confidence that he will “stick to me” if he is really a part of my path of life. That is very liberating, but those moments of trust must become second nature. So: no, it is by no means as hopeless as it seems to everyone, but this is a place where people can talk to people who are fully searching for the best way to deal with it. Don’t forget that pain, desire and sadness are also expressions of that same love. Love is not an emotion in itself, but is characterized by all those other emotions. Everything can and must be there to continue. (M)