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You have the gift of bringing out the best in me
When you are there I feel my best self Only
then can I really shine

You laugh at my words when I mean them funny
Your eyes look for mine
Speaking volumes full of feeling

Feelings that are not allowed to exist but still exist
by others Nothing done by us

I know and you know that we will keep our distance as long as we have
You know and I know that despite that we love each other
That’s why every encounter feels so good

Do not feel guilty dear twinflame
That is not necessary though I understand it
I should not actually be the one for whom you fell
But the heart decided quickly

I think of you every second of the day
The night is for you when you visit me in my dreams
I wonder if you see me coming in yours
I never dared ask but would like to know
See you too ‘ at night
And can’t you forget that during the day?