Q1127. Multiple soulmates?


Since meeting my twin I have come across a lot of soulmates, I used to think that we only had 1 tje but now I have certainly encountered 3 or more in a short period of time, I feel from several people that I may already have one know a few lives and they feel this way, I think it is normal .. But I also wonder why I now meet soulmates while I have met my twin, do they have to help me forward or do I need them? I feel that with my twin it goes deeper than with a soulmate, but the person I recently met comes close to my twin in terms of feeling, so there are still gradations of soulmates somewhere? I find this all so strange, I think the strength of a soulmate relationship depends on both their grad of development and spirituality and if you are on the same page it might feel a bit more intense !!! He ass close to my twin, but the difference remains for me the intensity. it feels spiritual! almost right but the feeling of love is not so much for my soulmate and I immediately had for my twin, also with my twin I feel a force that almost forces us to be together and with soulmate I have the feeling that it doesn’t work out pity well, it hurts a lot but oh well other chance than, while at twin I feel that I never find someone better than him .. Sometimes I wonder if I imagine it all, since I have had many chances since twin to be with soulmates, but they are not like him anyway or am I lying to myself now oh well I don’t know it all, I don’t know my question anymore haha ​​!! But maybe ‘what is the reason that we meet (so many) soulmates and what are the differences that you notice between the 2?

Answer 1
I think what you cannot get with your twin when it comes to love or eroticism that is then filled up by someone else in order to learn and come closer to your twin.

Answer 2
I notice it too. I have been doing a lot since I met with spirituality and I also have many soulmates around me. My idea is that you can learn something from everyone, so I recently came in contact with a soulmate from whom I learn to regain confidence and how easy he is in life. For me, this time is also saying goodbye to contacts that no longer suit me. I once dreamed a lot about my twinflame and in it it finally came to me with the words ‘I am the one’. The hard part is whether you can rely on this, suppose you are kidding yourself … then we become a generation of not living at the moment.

Answer 3
I recognize your story. More than 2 years ago I came across my tz, after much attracting and repelling we let each other go. He was still in a relationship with children. Immediately afterwards I came across various soulmates and idd .. also many similarities and feeling one together. There is currently no relationship with my twin and that hurts. Frankly, I was very happy with my soulmates, these help me in times when I am very sad.

Answer 4
I have had the same thing since I met my twinflame. Also encounters with soulmates, one of which is a very special, almost twinflame feeling. The difference for me with my twinflame is that I wish my twinflame unconditional happiness, even without me. I can hardly let go of this soulmate, that feeling is that I want him in my life. I feel it is a lot of karma that is worked out by all these encounters.

Answer 5
I also experienced it myself, only I was the soulmate and not the twin according to her. I still (and still) have the feeling that I am the twin because I still feel what her emotions are like, but if that wasn’t the case, that’s her choice. She chose her twin, the real reasons have never been clear, I think it was the feeling for her and not being able to let go of old life patterns in her life. I do know that there were differences between the twin and my. The relationship as I see it with her twin is based on love and sex, I had a much more unconditional love and spiritual feeling with her. I also said that to her unconditional love, perhaps she is not ready for her life lesson, so my life lesson is to let go and accept the feelings for her.

Answer 6
My opinion: There is 1 twinflame and you can count soulmates on one hand. (There are some special exceptions) You often encounter contemporary people who remind you of your twinflame, this does not have to be a soulmate. Fear tries to mislead us into regretting our grief or better to forget our twinflames. Doubting whether we really go for our twinflame or prefer the easiest way. Along the way you come across some soulmates where you help each other with your transformation process. Becoming stronger, gaining insight, getting closer to feeling etc. Or that the soulmate stays, how long, etc. is due to the piece of transformation process.

Answer 7
Answer 6; Certainly, you only have 1 twinflame and you can have multiple soulmates. I am married to a soulmate but I also have my twinflame in my life. It is true that you often meet people who remind you of your twinflame, so-called reminders. As if the twinflame wants to say “Hey, don’t forget me!” So a kind of sign. Then there is indeed fear and ego, often the same. You always try to get that wrong and want us to think that we are imagining everything. Unfortunately for my ego I don’t fall for it anymore. I am now experienced and wise enough to know from which motives my twinflame and I act. That makes it easier to forgive the other person, to love unconditionally. After all, it is not great to deliberately hurt you. It sometimes happens, but it was not the intention. You will notice that over time you learn to release your pain more quickly when something else has happened. In the relationship with my soulmate you grow to your twinflame when it’s all right. Your soulmate helps you with that without realizing it.

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@alica I would like to get in touch with you via email. My e-mail address is known to the editors. Love Butterfly

Answer 9
Wow! I found discovering my Tl very confusing and special, but indeed I suddenly have a lot of contact with people who say they are on the same frequency. I have known one of them for a long time and we always had a strong bond, but due to circumstances I broke away from him. He has been in my mind very regularly. We are in contact again and I now understand why. Very nice! Another one that I knew only superficially is one of my “helpers”, I am convinced that I was sent to him. He also understands me, feels me and knows what I am talking about. Really sooo special and nice to have people around me during this confusing period in my life with whom I can talk about all those feelings without being found strange.