Q0881. So inside so outside and the pain that you do to each other


That is the question I ask myself; is it so inside so outside with soul love? Because in practice I see something completely different between my soul love and myself; namely that we both do our utmost not to show others what we feel for each other. And that goes quite far, so far that it certainly hurts me and him too. No more sitting next to each other, no longer trying to touch each other, but trying to give something very “clinical”, no longer giving each other greetings kisses. And yet I “catch” him when he puts his eyes on me for a moment, looks at me, I see a very different story in his eyes than what he shows in his behavior and words. It hurts a lot, but I realize that I am hurting him so much by behaving the same way. Both afraid to show our true face, to be judged by others, this seems to be the only way to deal with it. At night, when I am finally in bed after a busy day, I feel it with me, warmer and more comforting than ever. During the day I see countless unambiguous signs that he and I are really twins and that also gives comfort. I have to learn to see everything in a larger whole and it is difficult for me. But sites like this make everything a bit more bearable. Who recognizes my story? But sites like this make everything a bit more bearable. Who recognizes my story? But sites like this make everything a bit more bearable. Who recognizes my story?

Answer 1
No, I don’t recognize anything about your story, I have no personal contact with my twin. You ARE your twin don’t forget that! And yet despite the pain that you feel and that he feels (he is you too) there must be more leads. But you only recognize them when you are not in contact with each other, then you only see it. My twin and I have EVERY year from 2007, in the month of July, a spiritual “upload”, I believe that, something is being added to our story. Both of us something is happening that allows us to continue. Really standard every year. And I would never have noticed if my twin and I had had contact. I think the very last “upload” (= added news to our story) is in the coming month of July and not after that, then we will meet again (end of next year?). (Who knows)

Answer 2
I asked the question. Yes, I am my twin and he me, I know that all too well. And that is precisely what I mean by my example that we mirror each other perfectly. We behave the same with regard to hiding the feelings, making contact and hurting each other unintentionally. As we have said, we have regular contact. That is not our voluntary choice but is due to circumstances that sometimes require us to see each other. I experience what you say; in times when there is no contact, I see everything more pure and without frills. When you see each other in real life, the ego sometimes starts playing again. Also in our “relationship” there are those upload moments, that we both go one step further, only those are the moments when we do see each other. For example, he makes a striking statement that makes me very sure that he also knows that we are twins. And vice versa. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Ah answer 2, and is that “scheduled” on our date as well? By the way, I have to add the month of December, also an upload, so every six months, July and December. It is interesting to keep an eye on that in the future. And to list those uploads in chronological order. I call them injections from the universe, another a fingerprint from God, whatever you call it, it definitely has something to say. (Who knows)

Answer 4
Hi Wieweet, I’m back. Yes, that is indeed interesting to note down, I do not have a clear view of when these uploads will occur with us, although it seems suspiciously this month that this is one. We have seen each other more than average and have looked up from both sides. What I often notice is that if, after a period of little or no contact, he sees me again, something is triggered in him, so that he “has to” see me again shortly afterwards. It went like this again this week, and I silently enjoy his presence. How wonderful to sit a few meters away from him, listen to his voice and look into his eyes. Those moments charge me so that I can continue. Today again; he asked if we wanted to come and him, we both said the same thing again at exactly the same time. He also greeted me most warmly this time, feeling like a warm bath. Sometimes I can’t pull it up, put it on and repel it! (Unknown)