Q0880. Exclusive knowledge?


There is no one in the whole world who knows you as well as your twinflame does. And no one in the future will ever know and understand you as well as your twin. At the soul level then hey. Then my question is: would you like it? That someone else, your current partner, best friend / girlfriend, best brother / sister / parent etc. feels just as good, so perfect? Or do you think it is nice and exclusive this way?

Answer 1
No, I find it not exclusive, it is painful and difficult. But I have also had it completely with that ‘twingo thing’ at the moment. If I imagined a future outside of my marriage, it was absolutely without a partner. Now that I have felt soul love, I hope someday to meet someone who can make me feel the same, that I trust just as well, and that I can feel at ease with (I will not settle for less), and then ‘just ‘enjoy uncomplicated enjoyment. (Unknown)

Answer 2
My partner knows me almost as well as my twinflame. I also often have him say the same words, that I know what he is going to say and what he is thinking. But that can also be due to the fact that we have been together for so long, which means that you can respond to each other. The “relationship” with my twin is on a totally different level, or should I say in a different world? Namely the astral world. Although he is just alive and I see him regularly, our contact takes place in the astral / invisible / spiritual. I feel him, know him through and through without ever telling me everything about himself, I AM him in a way. I think that those who know their twin understand. He feels like an open book, but also like a mirror. Although we are not at all the same, our way of thinking and feeling is. And that is different with my own partner. (Unknown)