Q0838. How do you make contact?


I read a lot of stories from people who have contact with their twinflame at a distance. now I wonder how do you do that? I think I know who my twinflame is, everything points in his direction and there are too many “coincidences” that keep coming back to him. but I have not yet experienced dreams about him or “feeling” or hearing him. I am open to it. am I doing something wrong?

Answer 1
I think you want too badly and then it doesn’t work. I have telepathic contact with my twin but that came naturally, did not have to do anything for it. First there were the dreams in which we met, in which he told things he later told me in reality. Meanwhile I can make contact with him remotely and “know” (because hearing is not real) what he says or feels. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Go meditate and think strongly about him or visualize the place where he lives. (Unknown)

Answer 3
No you can’t do anything wrong in this. It is actually better to leave than to do. It comes naturally, if it really is your twinflame of course, that is the premise. Once the time has come (with me it started via the heart chakra, first small bubbles, it gradually becomes more), then you have to talk back a little within yourself. A little softly, lovingly. It may also be childish (“Boy, how restless you are in my heart”) that doesn’t matter to a soul at all. It is just like that Japanese computer program (not a game), in which a virtual bird comes flying in when softly and lovingly calling and flees when the person in question taps the screen or gets angry. Seen years ago in VPRO documentary, I unfortunately forgot the title. (Who knows)

Answer 4
That it is my twinflame is certain. the first time I saw him I immediately had something like that from you I know. I no longer saw him due to circumstances. I then said if he really is the one for me then I will meet him again, not today or tomorrow but ever. every now and then I thought about him. or if something happened or something then I thought this would be something for him. I also often drove through a street as if I was being pulled after it. My parents moved and I went to explore the neighborhood, walked through a street and thought this is a nice street to live in. now after 8 years I have met him again. he lives in the street that I walked through. I still have contact with him but not the way I want. He is married and I now feel confused. why did I worry so much that I said that sentence that I would come across him again. I was in a relationship then and worried about him. I have now broken my relationship not for him but thanks to him I have dared to take the step. before I came across my twinflame again the relationship was not much anymore. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Sorry answer 4, but occasionally thinking of your twinflame … I don’t think that exists. From the moment you encounter your twin, it is constantly in your head day and night. Do you occasionally think of your twinflame? an exact other half is too intense for that. I seriously doubt if he is your twin but that doesn’t make your story any less interesting of course. Temporarily releasing your twin is terribly difficult. That is not very clear from your story now, this may be a soulmate. (Wieweet)

Answer 6
That is actually the worst thing with twinflames. That someone can sit in your soul, is just there as your reflection. So you. Even others who realized, what is this with those two people, when we wrote, we seemed to be one and the same person. The same passion and energy. People also confused us online. We thought we were playing a game with other people, while independently responding to something else. Weird and strange. Or not again? I am glad that we are years ahead now, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. It is slightly less sharp than before but still, always present. And in real life I don’t even know him, I wouldn’t even dare to see him, I think. But I think it’s kind of a curse when you meet your twinflame online. What should you do with it? It hinders me, (Unknown)

Answer 7
Yes Answer 6, I think that the last thing that comes is that you are confronted with the experience that the soul gains, while with twinflames it is primarily possible to do the soul itself and only then to experience it. other half of the soul in this life. That can sometimes be totally opposite to the experience gained by his other half. He might as well scare you online. (Who knows)

Answer 8
With a soulmate, can you also know that you know things about him without telling him? because I know things about him without telling him in advance. (Unknown)

nswer 9
Answer 7, it’s not just about the experiences you gain but more uncertainty this gives. The inner knowing. And I think it is nowhere to do in terms of experiences, it is a being together, a complete unconditional love. And I think twinflames usually have the same experiences in their lives. In addition, I did not write that I was shocked by his presence online. Does he think of me?But the intense part of all this would stop me, I think, or maybe not at all. I don’t really know, but I won’t take the first step. Not anymore. With a kind of curse I mean that it is something you will not let go, that is annoying. It just doesn’t stop at that feeling. Pff what do you do with it? Couldn’t this have happened years later or not at all, if you didn’t meet each other then why should you experience this? (Unknown)

Answer 10
Answer 8 yes you can have that with a soulmate, is my experience too. (Who knows)