Q0874. Longest break?


I have not seen or felt my soulmate for almost 2 years. The last contact was almost a year ago. The ball is with her … What is the longest conceivable break between soulmates? Or a permanent break until the next life?

Answer 1
No rope can be tied to that, because that is different for every twin pair. Certain things may have been agreed before your birth, but that can also be anything. Maybe if you listen very carefully to your feelings, then you remember what has been agreed between you. Whether everyone will adhere to it remains the question. Some things ‘may’ not happen until certain lessons have been learned. There is help ‘from above’, but it is not always possible to tie a rope to it. “Down here” and “up there”, they would certainly like it if what was agreed became reality. All you can do now: keep living your way, keep working on yourself patiently where needed, ask for some help and trust that you will get what you need. If there is an opportunity for twinflames, then handle it carefully. Regards, Someone who is also waiting. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Good question, I think it was at least 34 years old from a previous life and this life from 1967-2007, so 40 years. (Who knows)

Answer 3
My longest break was 8 years. By the time it happened, I was thinking more and more about him. There were also more and more signs that reminded me of him. Now I still have contact with him, but I try to keep my distance. He is married and I find that I want more and more from him, but I do not want to stand between his marriage. I know what I want but he is not yet ready to take the step. so I will have to be patient and that is not always easy. If he looks at me with those blue eyes oohh then I really have to restrain myself;). I really enjoy watching him, but I prefer to have him in my arms. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I find the break or time span between non-spiritual and spiritual consciousness just as interesting. With one couple it is so squeaky ie both had almost the same or the same spiritual consciousness, with the other it takes at least 5 years. And then you may have to wait for a moment or situation that touches the twin so intensely that he / she completely changes his or her goal with his / her life. So the more conscious gives the cross, the less conscious gets hit and then takes the initiative (or makes the opening) for rapprochement and fusion. (Who knows)

Answer 5
The first break was about 10 years, the second one too, but then in between contact via email very occasionally. After a physical encounter last year, it was again quite restless for a while and I noticed that I wanted more and all my attention went to him. Now the weather is getting a bit quieter and there is no physical, mail or sms contact at all. It gives me peace. After a meeting or contact moment I am completely upset and it takes weeks before I can continue. (Unknown)