Q0873. Feeling unsafe with a soulmate?


I was in a relationship when I met my soulmate. We had an amazing time together. She wanted me to choose her, but I didn’t dare. I felt unsafe with her. She played games to put pressure on me to choose her. She often talked about other men, in the sense that she could have a full relationship with them. In other words, ‘choose me!’ But those games had a deep impact on me; I felt unsafe with her. If she could easily put aside a soulmate relationship for another relationship … Are there more people with experiences of not feeling well with a soulmate?

Answer 1
Did you also communicate this to her? because if I read your story like this, exactly the same would apply to me if I was in her shoes. Why did you stay / stay in a relationship and did you start a half / half situation with her? That would also make me feel unsafe and uncertain. If you let a soulmate relationship run so easily before, or alongside another relationship … (Unknown)