Q0729. Overcoming ego


Right now, ego has won over my twinflame. He is not himself at all and admits to love me, but completely demotivated. As if he has given up and knows that he does not deserve happiness or that he has no right to desire it. His partner only talks to him about guilt, knowing how he feels and what he wants. He does not let him go and indicates that he wants to ignore his feelings. Unfortunately, he believes everything right now, all obligations and debt, and that he has to sacrifice everything to make it right. Because it ‘belongs’ like this. I want to help him find himself, but I don’t know how. Her poisonous claws are so deep in him. He really does not believe he deserves happiness anymore and does not believe in anything anymore. Does anyone know how I can help my twinflame to find itself again? I don’t want this for me, but for him myself. I can’t see how someone belittle him for wrong reasons. How do I help him overcome his ego?

Answer 1
Yes, that ego, remains difficult, I too often, and sometimes very, still suffer from it, while I no longer have anyone who can whisper the wrong things to me. it’s a fight that you have to fight with yourself, also your twin, he can only do that himself. What I do notice is that if you conquer more yourself, the other also becomes stronger (communication / feelings at a distance) when I feel bad, twin feels that too, but when I’m strong, twin is that too .. something like that. and probably he must first feel so bad that he eventually wants to leave. Not for you but purely for himself, because a twinflame who has grown does not want his feelings to be suppressed, because feeling is purely honest. well-developed soul no longer deny that, it will make you miserable, so my advice; make sure you are firmly in your shoes.

Answer 2
Have you ever thought that he should go through this because perhaps he once did the same in another life with another? And does his wife hold up a mirror to him? Retribution? It is only temporary you have to think. (Who knows)

Answer 3
By giving love, supporting, understanding, listening, not interfering, that you are not sucked into it, staying positive …… (Unknown)

Answer 4
The ego is something I also encounter, my twinflame found the relationship of us so difficult that she sought a man to make it lighter. Strange action perhaps, but for me the confrontation with my ego. Another man on her …. After saying goodbye five times, four times from me and once from her in 7 months, I know that my ego will always play tricks on me, and so will it, if it happens to me but that twinflames will always conquer love and ultimately only make you stronger such confrontations with yourself. So it will be alright. (Unknown)