Q0435. Is he my twinflame? Or does he still belong to her?


3 years ago I met someone special. We had a relationship for only two weeks but it changed my life. I had to let him go because he is married, has children and lives abroad. I recognized him immediately and just know and feel it. My search is over. We stayed in contact for two years, but because his wife smelled trouble, he asked me to break the contact and I did too. Out of respect. Respect he gave me three years ago by not being intimate because I didn’t have anyone before him and he wanted me to experience that moment with someone who could be with me for a long time. I comfort myself with the thought of seeing him again in the next life. And that gives me energy to do things for others. As if a light is lit. And that feeling varies with the painful lack. As if I have lost a piece of myself. Only I don’t know if it felt that way to him. He said he had never met anyone like me. That it doesn’t matter! act with who we are in life, that we will always want to be together. But why does he want to hear or see me more? He really insisted that our roads should run apart. Why did he still call for 2 years? Why do I feel that band 3 years later just as strong? He spoke to me about a woman he had met a long time ago, who is the love of his life. Twenty years later he still feels that. Is there such a thing? That you feel a twin bond, a soul relationship with someone, who feels a twin bond with someone else? If they have a twin band, what is that bond that I feel so strong between us? Am I so wrong to feel this as a twin band or to see him as a soulmate? Why do I feel it would be unilateral? I’m afraid I didn’t mean much to him at all. I haven’t heard him in a year.

Dear people, thank you for your answer. I also really want to continue my life and fill in my life and be happy again … but that loss and sorrow must pass first. I still feel everything so strong .. have not been in contact with him for two months now but the feeling is all the more … I hope that I will see him again soon … want to leave work and where I live now is too fresh and everything reminds me of him .. continue to live fifty miles further and build up a new life there is not going to think because the feeling remains … the only thing I can do is wait and make something out of my life … although I would prefer that I would also feel something like that for someone else that actually goes right for me .. and not stay with that other person for 7 years because you have a bad feeling you can’t do otherwise …. pfoeee..success all! (Unknown )