Q0872. Punishment?


Meeting your soul love may be beautiful, but it is certainly also very painful and difficult! I met my soul love some time ago. Didn’t know that I had and could meet so much love! It was presented as a sausage, and it declined the moment I wanted to bite. I am married, the other single but couldn’t handle a relationship. A few months later a relationship is entered into, after disappearing from my life (completely ignoring, blocking, escaping etc.) For me it is 24/7 thinking of my soul love, and feeling every day. Did I make a mistake then? How can the other person completely ignore this feeling? I’m the one who wasn’t spiritual, so I should feel less, right? I wonder why and see it more as a punishment at the moment. Who recognizes this? Tips?

Answer 1
The twinflames strive to eventually merge into each other. It often happens that one of them cannot handle the meeting when it takes place. This can result in the contact being broken. That’s not necessary. In my case, for example, contact remained, but she entered into a relationship with another at the same time. Twinflames always seek each other out again because they cannot live without each other after the meeting. The pain of the lack is still greater than the pain of not being able to cope. Even though both of these forms of pain are more or less intolerable to a person. We all know how it feels. There may not always be a physical relationship from the meeting. That has already been agreed before the incarnation. It is often the case that the souls have not yet reached the same spiritual development level. You walk a different path across lives, and you will rarely meet at the same point. Be careful not to determine who else is, it is not easy to see on the outside. You can be wrong about that. Also says nothing about the quality of you as a person. We all feel it just as badly, but not at the same conscious level. So you can feel deep sorrow without knowing that it comes from the divorce with that unknown man at the station that frightened you so much. It is possible that one of the two still has a task to another, has to complete something before it is right. Entering into the physical relationship only makes sense to me if it all fits, otherwise it would fall apart again. That seems even worse to me. If you feel like a punishment, then you might also have an idea what you would have done ‘wrong’? Maybe this is just an idea of ​​your subconscious. Then a regression is the way to find out what is left of you from a previous life. (Arundash)

Answer 2
Why should you feel less if you are less spiritual than the other? Feeling and spirituality are two different things. Why should he be able to handle a relationship while you are married? That is the upside-down world. Imagine his situation … (Who knows)

Answer 3
It is not a punishment but a hard learning school. All your painful experiences that you have experienced in your life are slowly being solved step by step. And that is compensated with the divine love to make it bearable. It is a process that you both have to go through, it has also gone through it. When you have endured all the pain, you only become whole. And if you are both, you know that is the only true one, my other half, because you are then on the same divine level and are together in love 1 forever. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Thank you for your kind reactions! It is a heart under the belt (and eye opener). I see it as a punishment because you can’t be together and it hurts so much. In other words, I do not see the ‘usefulness’ of the meeting. I cannot see that the pain and sorrow is compensated by ‘divine love’, at least not at the moment. It will only be compensated if you can do something with this love, and can handle the ‘blows’ together Funny, by the way, that you assume that ‘the other person’ is a man. Coincidence? (Unknown)

Answer 5
Small reassurance (in the sense of: you are not the only one): I experience it just like how you wrote it down in answer 4. It just hurts, no matter what hallelujah insights are attached to. Therefore, take opportunities (if they arise, better yet: create them yourself!) To talk to him / her, that will certainly remove some uncertainties. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Perhaps because the other person “thought” to have found another love, perhaps because that other person felt ignored, because that other person tried to stop feeling the pain of having to go on without you … Perhaps because that other person did not know that you wanted to bite … Be sure that the other person also thinks about you 24/7 and feels you … As in answer 5, maybe you should take the step to remove the blockage and go back with him / her to talk? (Unknown)

Answer 7
Thank you answer 5 & 6. I also considered that endlessly. However, I do not want to sit in a constructive relationship ‘firing’. Maybe that’s where the happiness lies for the other person? Love! (Unknown)

Answer 8
To answer 7: Maybe there is no stoking at all … Maybe there is no longer any question of a constructive relationship … Love. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Perhaps I have already drawn too much … Perhaps the other person cannot commit … Perhaps I should let go of self-preservation definitively … Perhaps I should just continue, without looking back at what could have been … Perhaps the future will learn … It turn your life upside down, and nothing will be the way it used to be! Why??? (Unknown)

Answer 10
Your last word “Why” makes me think that you are still doubting … You keep asking yourself all those questions, so I still hope you will get closer. Have you ever wondered if the other person might want that? And that the other person might not be able to contact you anymore? Why make it so difficult for yourself … why always keep walking around with those uncertainties … why not just collect the courage and go for it, you never know how it might change your life. (Unknown)

Answer 11
Answer 10: ‘gather courage’ if all text messages and a few phone calls remain unanswered? I think you missed a new relationship! This deserves respect and time to see if there is happiness for the other person; I’ll have to deal with that. If the other contact / contact would like, there are always possibilities. And then the question remains: WHY does someone come your way who roughly turns your life upside down, and disappears before it starts? (Unknown)

Answer 12
Why? Become more aware of yourself and look deeper into your heart and listen to it. There are the answers to your questions. In short, find true love in your heart. I think it is good of you that you do not want to interfere in the relationship of your twinflame out of respect. (Blackbird)

Answer 13
Thank you, Merel. In my heart I know the answers, but does the other person know them too (Unknown)

Answer 14
Why this, why that? As long as people are still wondering why the other person is doing something or not, you are not yet ready for contact. I recognize myself in this from a few years ago !! As long as you continue to find answers outside of yourself, you will not start your own drama … Blocking my twinflame towards me is the best thing she has ever been able to do. I did not see it then, because I did not understand that I had to look at myself first. Now that I have stopped to think about myself, I can also let go of her completely (of course that bond remains, but I know which feelings are hers and which ones are mine). Recently she was sad (I have tears !!), but because I know that tears belong to her at that moment I can be the best support for her at that moment by my love. And yes the tears disappear like snow in the sun. Get rid of that 3d way of thinking and learn to enjoy the connection when you have worked very hard on yourself !! (Unknown)