Q0858. Stupid ‘coincidences’?


Are there more people here who are dealing with events related to their twinflames that are actually too coincidental? For example, I had contact with my twinflame yesterday about a photo he posted somewhere that looked very much like a photo I have at home. The only difference is that one is in color and the other black and white. For comparison, I shared that photo with him and he said exactly what I thought: that it is a bit ‘scary’. We had a good laugh about it. And so there are many things in which we are identical or about which we have an identical way of thinking. Whether I already know in advance what he is doing or what he is going to say, so if he finds this scary? Hahaha. Is not really crazy, because he has no knowledge of all those other things. I am curious about your experiences.

Answer 1
Yes, I also have those coincidences that I already know in advance that she will say goodbye to people in front of her house. I hear her thinking and I really feel her very special. I also know that she is coming or there is in the store for example. We are so connected to each other that it is no longer normal. She is in a relationship and has a child, we do not have earthly contact but we do have a soul level. She called me once that it’s true, but then there was so much energy that we could barely understand each other with the phone. I would like to contact her, but she must be ready for it herself and that needs time. (Unknown)

Answer 2
My experiences with this are not so nice, because my twin thought that I deliberately followed him everywhere. We were somewhere again at the same time. I found it very annoying, because he did not understand it and I was then worn out crazy. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Here the questioner. What a shame to read that you mainly have bad experiences with it. Although I recognize my situation a bit in your story, where it is about ‘being declared crazy’. I am aware that coincidences of this kind may seem strange to others, but it is what it is. I am not making this up and I am sure you are not making it up either. For example, this weekend I received a book from my father, which the author dedicated to someone who bears the same name as the mother of my twinflame. I was shocked when I saw it. On the way home I was reading, but at some point it became too dark to be able to see it. When I looked up from my book, we drove to the exact height of where he lives. And there are so many ‘crazy’ things to mention. So if he found the story of that CD cover scary …? (Unknown)