Q0867. Multiple soul loves?


Is soul love the same as your twinflame? Can you experience a soul love more than 1x? I have met someone who is the same image (same attitude, look, way of walking, appearance etc. He makes me feel the same, I just dare not look at him. Is this possible?

Answer 1
I myself have 1 soul love on astral and the divine level is really wonderful that so intimate that is really heaven. I can happily praise myself that I am allowed to do light work and to make people and life portable again for the loved ones. And to show that there is no goodbye at all and that we all come together one day. In addition, I also had eroticism with other women just for pleasure. But the eroticism with my twinflame is still very special and more profound. This comes unknowingly or you can also call it up, but you have to be very good at it because everything happens in the astral world, you really have to be very experienced in it. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Answer 1: why do you only have contact at the astral level? Have you met your twinflame? (Unknown)