Q0316. What kind of love is this?


I met someone 4 years ago, where I started to love a lot over time. I myself have a relationship with someone else. I can’t forget him, he stays with me in my mind. Sexually it was grandiose. Amazing. I don’t know myself. I can no longer be happy, for nothing anymore, only I think about him. Love

I find it interesting to you that it was sexually grandiose and you can still go very far apart. Is this compatible? Yes apparently so. Is it your twinflame? I always had the experience that after a sexual encounter I felt a sense of I was deeply saddened by the fact that this is related to my twinflame, we always knew from the womb that we would meet each other in this life, so probably I could not cope emotionally in bed with someone else, it was not the boys to hear and also no traumatic experiences in childhood or something (Unknown)

To start by being more honest with yourself, you are also honest with your current partner. How would you feel if your partner did this for you? Express your feelings and accept the consequences but also that it can be a relief for yourself. Ask your twin what he thinks about it. He is the only one who can give you the answer and can possibly. continue your life with him or your current partner. This way you only fool yourself, including your partner. Or do you think he deserves this? (Unknown)