Q0864. How to handle this?


My twinflame has recently had a new girlfriend. He and I had a good friendship, but now I notice that she is increasingly trying to keep us apart. Today he was going to come wherever I went and then he called off at the last minute. She had other plans for the two of them (she would not come along). I have only seen her very briefly twice, but I suspect he did tell her about me. By the way, I am married myself, so it should not pose a threat to her. But everything in my feeling says that she feels this way. What can I do to still occasionally see my twinflame like “before”? I obviously miss him, but I can’t say that to him. Or will he feel it from me?

Answer 1
Letting go.

Answer 2
I do so now. And that helps me stay with myself. But if I think about it too long, I get very angry, who does she think she is to keep us apart? (Unknown)

Answer 3
Letting go is at peace with the fact that you can’t change anything about it right now. Letting go does not mean that you suddenly like that woman. Logical that you sometimes get angry that is why. That says nothing about how well you can accept the current situation. That just says that you find that morally reprehensible of her and you keep finding it anyway. I have dealt with such a woman, I know how uncomfortable it feels. Blrgg! (Unknown)

Answer 4
So yesterday I saw my twinflame, he called or he could come over to chat. I was pretty happy he came. He still has that girlfriend even though he didn’t say much about it and I don’t ask about it, I don’t feel like it. Then we had a discussion in which we both have a very opposite opinion. And then suddenly the feeling came over me that I can and should let him go now. That I still feel unconditional love for him, but that it is better to let him go completely. This was the first time I had no trouble with it, and even today I don’t feel the slightest urge to think about him or even look at his Facebook or something. Nothing. I know it is ready, that I can only continue now and that someday, yes, sometime in the distant future, we will come together again. But in the way there we will both learn a lot and grow together. The most important thing is that it feels good, I have never had that before. (Unknown)