Q0861. Can he not commit because I am his twinflame?


My twinflame has had many relationships / loose free range but has never been able or willing to commit. He recently said that he has never really been in love and if he has a girlfriend, he always remains restless because there might be a nicer person walking around. So he can never really go for a woman and build a future with her. Now I wonder if this may have something to do with me, his twinflame. I know for certain that we are twinflames, and he has also said things to me several times that show this, he knows it unconsciously and I consciously. However, I do have a relationship and am therefore unreachable for him in terms of love. What do you think about this?

Answer 1
Yes, that has to do with the twinflame. A twinflame may have once promised his other half eternal fidelity to speak for myself. There are several who have that. I think in the first life eternal loyalty promised to each other. Which does not exclude that one of them often has to clean up a karma with another. What I want to emphasize is that in my opinion your twin love does NOT have a fear of commitment, on the contrary: in his soul he is faithful. He may feel like a calling in the desert, but I can assure him that he is not the only one. (Who knows)

Answer 2
In my opinion, you should not try to avoid relationships because they are not ‘high enough’. I never believed in twinflames before, luckily but otherwise I might have been waiting for her and missed important relationships. (Arundash)

Answer 3
He also does not avoid relationships, does have girlfriends. But every time he says that it is not quite right, that he cannot go 100% for it and that he is not in love. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Could that be the reason for your twinflame. But does this not sound a little bit in that if that is so (he therefore wants you most), that gives you just that little bit of certainty to seriously think about a future with your twin instead of your current partner? (Unknown)

Answer 5
Perhaps he has the subconscious conviction that you are unreachable because you have a partner. And must he become aware of this before he realizes what he wants. Imagine that the same problem has played a role in an earlier life and is now banned. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Okay, I will answer responses 4 and 5. Reply 4; no, you see that wrong. It does not matter to me whether he would prefer me, in deciding what to do with my future. Because I decided long ago that I will never leave my husband. I have a task to accomplish together with him and I cannot and cannot avoid that. But I honestly say that I would find it flattering if twinflames were the only ones who really saw me as love. Who would not find that?! Answer 5: He is aware of the fact that I am unreachable at the moment. I say consciously right now because you never know how life goes. Unfortunately I have experience with that. But in the now I am therefore unreachable as a life partner. However, as a good friend, but he doesn’t seem to think that is enough. And I understand that again. He once dropped the words that he and I will be together in the next life. That was proof to me that he knows that I am now unreachable, but the woman of his dreams. I don’t know what has happened in a previous life, unfortunately I have no insight into that. I know we have known each other for a very long time, but I don’t know what ever happened. Maybe I should go into regression therapy. (Unknown) Maybe I should go into regression therapy. (Unknown) Maybe I should go into regression therapy. (Unknown)

Answer 7
I am answer 5. It remains very difficult if you have a serious relationship at the same time. A kind of impossible choice. I didn’t have that problem, but I felt a blockage in myself and a glance into the past made it understandable to me where it came from so that I could determine my attitude. Going into therapy suggests that something is wrong with you, but you don’t have to – you can walk around with an incorrect subconscious idea. That happens very often but it does not always have a decisive impact on a person’s life. For me it was a NEI session, I was immediately done with that piece. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Some people are made to live alone. Free souls say. He does not commit because he does not feel like it. He himself does not want that. Why should he commit? (Unknown)

Here the questioner is back; no, he himself often says that his life is actually the way it is. But he still misses a girlfriend / partner and is dating again. I understand that, but I also see that it will not help him. I wish he would use that energy to become more aware and to take a different position in life. (Unknown)