Q0617. Different types of pain?


Despite the pain of (the lack of) the twinflame, many no longer want to trade with someone without a twinflame. Pain and happiness when it comes to twinflames or soul love are probably very close to each other. Does it go deeper or is it sharper, or is it not so bad because it all fits in with a previously agreed route?

Answer 1
I have experienced many kinds of pain in my life, but as sharp and as deep as twin can hit me every time, that surpasses everything. (Unknown)

Answer 2
funny…. (well) this week I again felt the separation pain that I gel for several years. felt when we lost contact. it was as if I still had to go through it, or was it his pain? or both? it was more than that pain; it was all the loss I had together at the time, I could do more nix then, physically locked, literally. now again but not so intensely locked because I recognized it; as if I had to remember for a moment … I am not completely done with it yet but it is disturbing my day. no longer live like that, it makes me think more … where can I find my strength again, better power to finish what I am doing. it is also the mirror; I must now accept things, face fears that I did not know I had, that I can also send them away, resolve them; you have to find out first. my pain and that of my soul also sometimes run together; makes it not easy to distinguish, honest. these pains, to end your question. to answer, are traumatic, comparable with, for example, pain due to the death of a loved one. (Unknown)

Answer 3
My experience is that the pain is 1000 times stronger, deeper, sadder and more painful !! This pain cannot be compared to anything, and I have experienced a lot in my life, it was worse than my incest, it was worse than the betrayal of my parents, it was many times worse than it hurts life. But the pain is ultimately good for something and brings you somewhere, somewhere where you need to be, what you need to see, and where you can transform your loneliness into wholeness and being !!. Did not want to miss the pain, but I am well aware that not being together of me and my twinflame still costs me small and large pain every day, just as long as I really get it. On my way, on my way, in my pain, towards my light. I hope I can understand before I die, that would give me real relief, and then this life and all that pain would have helped. Growing hurts !!!, love (Unknown)

Answer 4
I believe I wrote the answer at 613; I wanted to add, it helps to write this down; I have already gone through a great deal. (Unknown)

Answer 5
The pain of a lonely childhood through abuse and mistreatment, of being bullied, of losing loved ones, of a cheating partner, childbirth pain, have experienced it all, but the pain caused by the confrontations with twin feels almost like all pain squared together (even if you understand the big picture). And yet I would not want to go back, I seem crazy! And you questioner, how do you experience that? (Unknown)

Answer 6
This pain goes without a doubt much and much deeper than any infatuation pain. I had 6 weeks of intense mourning for missing my twin. I was able to describe this feeling in an approximate way, through my experience of missing my then friend (now husband) during our time as a date. I was terribly in love at the time and only saw my friend at the weekend. Crying, not eating, not paying attention to other things and only reviving on Wednesdays. After the break with my twin, I actually felt where my soul is. Near my heart, near my stomach. A literally gaping hole in that place, despair, indescribable sadness, with my face at the bottom of the well, nothing but really nothing was important except my twin that I had to miss. I wish never to experience this again.

Answer 7
Well I was the questioner and I must say that it is actually not too bad. My son who is now my spiritual guide on the other side, he probably taught me how to deal with it. I only realize afterwards. The pain in us previous life (twinflame and I also lived 140 years ago) was many times worse after a very intense relationship. And it was precisely that pain from back then that I felt again. Because we didn’t understand then, that we had to become strong because of the events And wiser. Now in this life we ​​do not allow painful events. Now in this life I understand where we are going, the goal. I see the whole picture. Understanding relieves pain. Understanding only aggravates the pain. (Unknown)

Answer 8
I have been feeling deep pain for a few days now and the frustrating thing is that I don’t know why I should feel this pain again, my head says “what is this about” and yet I cannot switch, I know it is a goal has but does not know what purpose, I think twin knows and I hope he will someday be able to tell me, meanwhile I have been awake for 3 nights, pffffff. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Dear all; I know, really. for me, I also responded to this, it means pain that is so deep; I do not even know exactly where it comes from, he came up because of my soul love but I feel it so I have to do something with it. I am facing all my fears; so that I can release the first pain after the other. It works…. if you feel pain go through it otherwise it will keep coming back. (Unknown)

Answer 10
Answer 7, yes relieved pain, that’s how I feel it or how I can experience it because I understand the goal and the big picture, but still…. the pain sometimes seeks me consciously, especially when confronted with twin and that pain is really very intense, I can get over it sooner but I cannot say that the pain at such a moment itself is less than …, hmm bit hard to explain. marco borsato has a nice song about it on his new album (“FREE” with Lange Frans), when I’m down for a moment I turn it into my car, I’m just such a moving disco haha ​​but I feel happy again right away, someone had written a comment on that it was such a ridiculous text haha, I also think you can only understand that text if you are really “enlightened”. (Unknown)

Answer 11
Dear Answer 9 , perhaps your soul love has touched you in your weak spot that you thought you no longer had or had overcome, and that your soul love had (unknowingly) discovered with you. don’t know for sure, is what comes to me. love (Unknown)

Answer 12
Supplement answer 9 and this pain that comes up through love of the soul, that is the real mirroring for me. it is presented to you and you have to do something with it … (Unknown)

Answer 13 Answer 12
, would that pain always be a mirror? I have had the idea of ​​having to suffer pain to mirror twin for half a year, but for myself I am not sure what mirror that should be. I can even place that pain, understand it, oversee the goal, then think “what is this about, why do I feel this, I understand it anyway …” and yet I cannot shut myself off for that pain, difficult to hear, love of mine . (Unknown)

Answer 14
Or would it just be teamwork ? (Unknown)

Answer 15
I have the feeling that when I am very sad, so I am really upset, I am really in pain, threatening to panic, that I also feel the feelings of my twin. Earlier, when we were still together, I had the experience with him that I felt his feelings intense, while hardly anything was visible with him. Last vacation I felt intensely sad for 3 days with a great desire for twin. While I know that his presence there at that time would not give me what would make my pain disappear because he is still angry with me / himself. The pieces of the puzzle fell into place when I realized that we had already experienced this shared sadness together in August. The moment I start to feel that way again, I just want to send love to my twin. Him my love, strength, trust and send the peace. Talking to him, saying that everything will be fine, that he can take it easy. When I do that and I n! If you don’t resist this pain (misunderstanding?), the pain will sink much sooner. Twins can take away each other’s pain by giving each other their love, you notice that when you are together. But it also has the effect from a distance. We are 1 together; if you speak to your twin AND yourself in such sad moments, the pain will sink sooner. Is this the intention? Help each other heal? Still teamwork? (L.) But it also has the effect from a distance. We are 1 together; if you speak to your twin AND yourself in such sad moments, the pain will sink sooner. Is this the intention? Help each other heal? Still teamwork? (L.) But it also has the effect from a distance. We are 1 together; if you speak to your twin AND yourself in such sad moments, the pain will sink sooner. Is this the intention? Help each other heal? Still teamwork? (L.)

Answer 16
The pain of not being able to be together, showing each other what you feel for each other, is the greatest pain for me, all other pains come up because of this, you go to process and what remains is the pain of never seeing each other, that is the real pain, the last bit … patience and trust. (Unknown)

Answer 17
Answer 16 yes, that is exactly how I experience it at the moment. (Unknown)

Answer 18
Dear l; yes that is mirroring for me. (unknown)

Answer 19
@ answer 18: but who starts now? who mirrors who now? am I missing him at that moment and is he picking something up? or does he have a ‘bad day’ and do I get something out of it? or are it our souls who miss each other at that moment and do we both feel it at the same time? I consciously, he unconsciously? because can mirroring also occur in one of the two and not yet in the other? I mean, if he doesn’t know anything about it, how should he mirror him? I still don’t have a completely clear picture about the mirroring happening … it’s just as if it doesn’t want to be completely clear on my retina. (L.)