Q0860. Who has prepared you for your twinflame?

Who knows

Are there anybody who has prepared them or prepared them for his or her twinflame? Or multiple preparers? From school friend to friend? You don’t hear that many stories about that, while they play a very important role. My twin are my wife and my first primary school friend from the age of 7, roughly so, group 4. Unconsciously and afterwards of course.

Answer 1
All my relationships were a preparation! Not only my 1st girlfriend, but parents, brother, sister, children, of all I have learned lessons that point to this meeting. My whole life fell into place in one go. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes my whole life has also been a succession of choices that prepared me ‘unconsciously’ for joining my twin, things that I had not yet clearly understood were given to me naturally .. parents, friends, expartner, children, etc .. everything falls into place. Even now I just get along the way people / soul friends who help me to solve the last obstacles, very special! The people I have been most annoyed with have prepared me the most (Unknown)

Answer 3
I agree with the first answer. Before my twinflame came into my life, I was taken seriously. I myself came into the ‘big people world’ at a very young age, worked with people who were 20 to 30 years older than me, so I had to stand up for myself. But also lovely people were among them, mainly Soulmates who step me in front of me have prepared my step for the arrival of my love, while many years before my twinflame also crossed my path. I now understand why, everything falls into place. Love. (Elselina)

Answer 4
I received the preparation internally, so from myself, but often because of something in the outside world. Like as a child I met someone with about the same last name as my twin, and that name triggered something, although I didn’t know what. The same applies to places where he has lived as a child. (Unknown)

Answer 5
I am from answer 1 … Glad to hear that. It is also a confirmation that I am on the right track. Unfortunately I have no idea how it is on the other side. (Unknown)