Q0853. My love is approaching


Since a few weeks I have a dear friend. Reliable, stable and I am very fond of him. Now today suddenly my “soul love suspect” ex sends him thinking of me very often lately. That he often feels the need to come by. Etc … why now after all those months that I wanted to hear this the most? Just now I have found another one that makes it feel great.

Answer 1
The timing could have been better, I sometimes wonder why fate does not prevent things like this. Unfortunately, it is no different, now it is important that you listen very carefully to your feelings. Of course you already do that, but let me put it this way: listen to your feelings above all and do not allow yourself to be fooled in this matter by thought-lines based on fear / what does the outside world think / what is good for the others involved. Because your feeling in this is the most important thing, after all it’s about your love life. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Answer 1: I think if you want to make a good decision that your feeling and mind must be in balance. You cannot follow your feelings in the wild way. It is what the questioner wants to go for; for her partner who gives her all the good things she has chosen and that makes her feel good, or for a twinflame she doesn’t know what she can do with him. As an individual you also have your own choice. You don’t necessarily have to go for your twinflame. I personally would not want to go for my twinflame, he is not really stable and cannot offer me love while my earthly partner can. In addition, her twinflame knows that she has a partner, why not respect and grants her that relationship with her partner. His revelation to her says more about his ego what he wants. And if she chooses him, who says that in a while his ego will not play again. I’m not saying it will happen. The point is that she feels comfortable with whatever choice she makes but that she considers it well. (Daicy)