Q0993. I’m so tired, is it because of the connection with my twinflame?


I was shocked this morning when I saw myself in the mirror; circles under my eyes and a tired look. I don’t get to sleep, I feel intensely tired. Not so strange when you consider that I am only busy in my head with my twinflame. I can’t get him out. I try, but it doesn’t work. What can I do to find a little peace?

Answer 1
To reassure you he never goes out ever again and after. You have already encountered your one and only true transition to the transition. It is accepting and letting go that goes step by step. And after a while you can deal with it better and it becomes a part of you and it becomes less and not so intense. It is very heavy, I know everything about it and I have conquered it. You can do that too, but it needs time. How long that lasts is how well you can handle it. The only thing you can do is look for distraction. That way you think less about your twinflame. And to relax you can take a finimal. Another tip, go to bed earlier, every day there is 1 that it will decrease. And don’t take it all too heavy, see the humor in it. Visualize the get the image in your head.

Answer 2
I know, I am “sentenced to life imprisonment.” The release goes in waves with me, then again it goes pretty well and then again (often after we have seen each other) it goes bad. I then have to ruminate with him every second and remember everything. As soon as that comes to rest, I also unwind. Pfff, tiring. My twinflame doesn’t seem to be bothered by this.

Answer 3
Hi Remco I think you are well advanced in the process. How did you go through that? I have not seen my mirror for a year now. The lack continues every day. We have been nothing more than simple colleagues. Have you also endured a nasty period? Eg rejection and pulling push distort truth? Is that possible? It is still tiring. But it also makes me happy because it helps me get to know myself very well. Like wise advice. Greetings

Answer 4
I know everything there is to ask, I am also regularly tired of dogs. My Soul Love is very good at that. I therefore wonder if I could have a different Soul Love (I have read somewhere that ‘one’ can have more than 1 Soul Love) or that it would be just as good.

Answer 5
Thank you ANSW 1 

Answer 6
Here’s another one! I am also very tired. Do not know if that is directly due to the connection with twinflame, because she also gives me a lot of energy and she has taught me so much. For me it is an accumulation of changes. Maybe that is also the case with you? I recently left my partner and now I have children with 2 exes and a very busy, responsible job. I sometimes don’t know how to do it all. Really such a twinflame, when I write it down, I actually get angry and I blame her for everything. Shake hands…. and strength!

Answer 7
Yes, I am also tired, and regularly think how long I am going to keep it all up. At home, family members absorb my energy and then there is also the twinflame hassle. Which also costs a lot of energy that I don’t really want but yes it does. After an unpleasant childhood and youth, I finally found a bit of peace and then you meet your twinflame. Sometimes I think they could not have waited a few more years for that meeting.

Answer 8
Remember that you are also going through a transformation process that can make you terribly tired. Process things, come closer to yourself and of course twinflame / ZV who is with you every day and Ego who tries to get you astray. Try to rest well to fill your energy level. Feeling will get you up and down.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 9
Tired???? boy … thick bags under the eyes, no energy … yes I am really tired! and so I have been instructed by a friend not to give more energetic guidance to others for the next 2 months. just like others do by listening, giving back and listening even more but not energetically assisting. I have to refuel, recover after an intense period and may further develop myself because yes … I have hidden myself behind the others and am convinced that I really gave myself the space to develop. yes, yes … persuasiveness is strong especially when a Soul Love is involved! yesterday my soul sister told me that she had a light tia yesterday … so I was immediately confronted and tested. I have dealt with it in the normal way (which is called normal), listening, writing things down for doctor’s service, hearing, showing understanding and wishing for strength, but also immediately saying that I had to take 2 months of vacation. luckily she understood that … I think if Soul Love would ask for help that step might be more difficult …

Answer 10
Tired, say, dog-tired .. I got to know my twinflame about a year and a half ago. However, I did not want to admit anything during the first year. Have a partner and when I came to his neighborhood I got a feeling that I should not come close to him .. Very strange .. However, I see him every other week. Still started talking more than half a year ago .. It all went like a fast train .. My marriage was not much anymore so when I received the necessary attention and all those intense feelings we went further than actually intended. Now we are in a rest period. Both of us were so tired .. The feelings that come in so overwhelming the ups and downs feeling .. We also have to work on ourselves and I have to see if our marriage is something or .. Yeah tired with black circles and nowhere for the puff have … Pfff ..