Q0852. The double meaning of statements from people around you


Yesterday I experienced it again; someone said something and that unambiguously related to my twinflame and me. But the person who said it does not realize this himself. Who recognizes that people around you say things that point to your twin and you?

Answer 1
Yes, I have a great example: The photo shop around our corner, I had my twinflame copied his photo portrait and my own photo portrait from the internet and put it on a USB stick and wanted to have both photos printed. He printed it on 1 sheet of photo paper. When I asked if the photos could be printed separately, the shopkeeper said: “No, the two cannot be split.” (Wieweet)

Answer 2
Very recognizable! After posting my personal story and poem ‘I am the water’ here on the website, I was at work the next day. Out of the blue my colleague started to sing a song from ‘I met you for the first time, right there at the water’s edge’. I thought I kept laughing in it. I asked, how do you get back to that? To which she said, I don’t know, it suddenly came up? This one was very strong and fun! (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes the last time I heard! A few days ago I was chatting with a twinflame at a table with even more people, one of them had a remark about a prince. Well it was immediately clear to me Love. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Oh nice!! What examples! All beautiful. I asked this question, and I often notice that people are saying something that then relates to my twinflame and me. Sometimes I really have to laugh. Do you know what happened to me recently? I was on a bicycle and I wondered out loud what exactly is going on between us. I am overtaken by a huge truck with “Attractiveness” on it in cow letters (I don’t know anymore which company, but it was a company) and in the license plate our initials. But the most striking thing was a week ago. My husband comes home late, crawls into bed next to me and we talk a bit. The conversation is about the person who is my twinflame, but my husband is not aware of this. Then suddenly he jumps to another topic and asks who else is that actor who is playing in the film De Zieleman …. I’m completely perplexed. Soulman ?! Nice word to describe my twinflame. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes, answer 2, my twin works on the waterfront, by the sea, and she lives near the sea. Your message has something special for me as well as your poem. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Yesterday I was waiting somewhere next to a group of people and heard someone say “he kicked you on your soul”. Well, that was entirely applicable because my twin did this to me yesterday. (Unknown)

Answer 7
My twin but got through to those signs more often, haha. He finally wakes up. (Unknown

Answer 8
Answer 5 Nice to read that a poem can also mean a lot to others. At that moment you do not think about it because you are so concerned with your soul love. Thanks for your comment. Answer 7 I regularly ask myself that question, and also send some signals to the other Halves. Sigh …. We are already at the finish line haha (Unknown)