Q0842. Inner knowing


Can I trust my inner knowledge?

Answer 1
Yes, even though your thoughts say something else, inner knowing always comes up again, so yes. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes. The inner knowing is the most valuable thing we have. Take advantage of it and trust it. (Who knows)

Answer 3
I always try to trust my inner knowing. Sometimes I am afraid that I have fallen into a trap and that something is not at all true. However, experience shows that it is usually true. If I had not got it right, it would in essence be right, but I would have just given it the wrong interpretation when drawing conclusions. So it actually always works, but you don’t always know how it will work out in practice. (Unknown)

Answer 4
The inner knowing is something strange, I think. You know things without understanding why, but you know them. So I know things about my twinflame that he himself is not even aware of. I “see” his future, his life, without knowing why. So I also see him doing things that I know do not lead to what he is looking for (love and happiness). That may sound arrogant, but it is true. The only person he will find this in his total is me. His soul knows that too. And sometimes it comes out, he says something that shows that he knows. That this is only in a drunken state means that his boundaries will disappear, which normally cause him to contain himself…. It’s hard for me to see him lead his life, to watch oneself surrender to unhealthy addictions and to see all of their more spiritually minded friends give up. But I have no choice; it is his life, he must make his mistakes in it to learn, and I in mine. It is about keeping an eye on the main lines (the eternal connection) and not getting caught up in the details too much. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Totally agree (all answers) and especially answer 3. You get lots of signs and dreams, but how do you interpret them? I find that sometimes difficult .. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Can you also train your inner knowing? and how do you know if it is your inner knowing or your own thoughts? because you want something for example? (Unknown)

Answer 7
No, you cannot train your inner knowing, it is just there. It just goes right through everything. Your thoughts are changeable, your inner self does not know. It can also go against your wishes, because it has to do with your soul mission. It is sometimes at odds with your wishes at that time. Sometimes the inner knowing lets you down and suddenly it’s back again. It cannot be manipulated. I once saw a photo reportage about an atmospheric person, who could communicate his soul directly with someone, and as a kind of technician he refocused the inner knowledge, like a fine-tuner, and then the person knew what he / she was had to do according to inner knowing. The man (Indian and hermit, + / – 1991 deceased) only had to look the person in the eye and then he babbled something unintelligible. Then the client / patient, or whatever you want to call it, relieved his own way again. The more you go your own way, so the less you participate in the whole crowd, the better that inner knowing works. That is my experience. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Yes. If you have had your twinflame more than 100 times in your dreams and feel very strong in your environment, then you know for sure. For me it has become the most normal thing in the world, for a stranger it is bizarre. (Unknown)

Answer 9
For me also answer 8. I have dreamed about my twin very often and for many years and I can communicate with him remotely. That is very common for me nowadays, but I know that others would declare me crazy. I wisely shut up. (Unknown)