Q0694. I feel what he feels remotely?


Yesterday I was very tired while I slept well the night before. So tired that I dived into my bed during the day, which I normally never do. Last night I happened to talk to my twinflame and he said that he was so terribly tired of a night out that he went to bed early. I think I have felt his tiredness, and that happens more often, also with other feelings such as sadness, anger etc. Recognizable?

Answer 1
Yes recognizable. My twin can also get tired of the sick people he works with all day. He takes all those vibrations of those sick people with him and he can be pretty tired of that and I indirectly also because I am his twinflame. I also feel his relief when things go as they should go, successful operations and so on, haha, it works both ways. (Who knows)

Answer 2
It is easy if you come across your twin and understand where your feeling comes from, I sometimes have such a tired feeling and I don’t know if it comes from me or from twin. sometimes just sad for nothing, and then think of twin, maybe the sadness of that other person, or is it very violent to miss what is involved and sometimes I feel dull, do not feel like anything and then sometimes I do nothing, sit alone but to muse and then I don’t even feel like lovely people around me anymore. And what I had recently .. then I felt very rebellious, wanted to slap around me, but I am not like that at all, yes only if I do not see him for too long, I sometimes become rebellious and tend to to walk through the city and then sing softly .. who is at my feet .. (ego?), but whether my twin sings that sometimes? feels that way. a friend called me later if it was already over. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Here I had another tip: do pelvic floor muscle exercises, I do it through a healing tao course. Via the pelvic floor, energy can “leak away”, unnoticed and you can get pretty tired of that. Maybe it also works a bit as a buffer for when my twinflame is tired. (Who knows)