Q0841. Night contact with twinflame, how is this possible?


I slept badly last night and suddenly, out of the blue I felt my twinflame with me. I often worry because I think that something is wrong with him or that he or she is sad. I try to forget him but it really doesn’t work. There is no longer any contact, but if I suddenly feel this without thinking of him, how is this possible? Does it have anything to do with getting out of sleep, which I sometimes read about. And does he know that we are twinflames? Does he do this consciously or can this also be unconscious? Must say that I feel safe if I experience it so close, even if it is not in rl. This is strange. I don’t think I’m imagining this, I mean … I’ve had it before, but often at night. Can also feel him remotely if he has to laugh at something, for example, or is happy. It is best that he finds this scary,

Answer 1
I also have experience with this. I do not know whether the other person feels or knows it, I have never verified that with him. But I am almost certain that the soul of the other person knows. And the soul is precisely what you encounter in the astral, as you experienced. That way I sometimes meet my twin, and sometimes he kisses me, or we even have sex. It looks like dreams but it is not, it is clearer, livelier and I always wake up with very strong feelings. You will remember such an experience. Sometimes I can consciously call it up by making contact with my guides before bedtime and asking if we can meet. But usually it happens unexpectedly. It’s delicious. I also no longer have contact with my twin and would like to know if he experiences the same. (Unknown)

Answer 2
No, I have this too. The souls make a kind of energetic communication with each other at night. All twinflames who know each other have that. I think it goes through the chakras and especially the heart chakra. They prefer to visit each other in our unconscious, ie in sleep. I think for the following reason: energetically charging together and tuning in to each other, so as a kind of fine-tuner, so tuning in as precisely as possible. (Who knows)

Answer 3
Sometimes I get pretty crazy when I feel her again at certain moments. But when I am in bed I can do better than when I get home from a busy workday. This will never go away, but I don’t mind at all. It just enriches my life and my certainty is already confirmed that there is life after death. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Great answers! So it’s possible that you meet your twinflame through the astral, explains a lot to me nml. By the way, I don’t think I should tell this to mankind’s day consciousness, hahaha! Suspected that he is not nearly there yet. And who knows if we ever get the chance to meet, we don’t like each other! Is that possible? Sounds very bad to me, all those years and then nothing. But in fact that is impossible, because the connection is there and you are each other’s part. Reminds me of something from Atlantis or something where they married each other or made a vow that lasted forever. The Egyptians did that too. Think that a marriage then had different values ​​than today.

Answer 5
To answer 3, what exactly do you feel? For me they are more dreams that I remember perfectly the next morning or when I wake up in the middle of the night, including the feeling there. How long have you known your twinflame? (Unknown)

Answer 6
To answer 3; how do you deal with it if you feel it after a busy day at work? And does it happen during? For example, I think about my twinflame all day long but I think it usually comes from my side … So my twinflame should actually go crazy about me too … If he feels anything at all …. (Unknown)

Answer 7
A few weeks ago my twin kissed me in my dreams. I was very warm for a few days and I felt great. I feel that I occasionally dream about her and we have known each other for thirty years, with an interruption of contact of 28 years. She has very strong doubts about contacting me again and she is now in a very difficult period. I very much hope that we will interact with each other as friends and it will be very difficult between us, inhumanly difficult, but I am willing to, because I love her unconditionally and very much and my desire to see her becomes whole again intense. I support her energetically as well as I can and I think a lot about her now. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Oh answer 4, you say something there, Egypt, there was our first life, my twin and me. Do not ask me how I know that, all kinds of signs and our names refer to it, my first school friend gave the first name with her name, I am clear knowing since the kundalini has awakened with me. So then we could indeed have made an eternal vow. I’m going to delve into it, thanks for your hint! (Who knows)

Answer 9
In answers 5 and 6 I recognize myself very much. Especially in 5, because I too regularly have dreams that I sometimes cannot trace at all to something that has happened in daily life, but that I remember very well. I think such dreams want to tell you something. So see if you can find a common thread in it, write it down and then let it go. Chances are that at some point something will happen that makes you realize that it is related to your dream. My soulmate and I live for music and I saw a bright room with a piano that stood against the wall. The following day, I saw a reaction from him on-line in a photo of … the piano I had seen that night in my dream. He said he wanted one like that. I already knew that. I had already seen itBut it gets even crazier: now I have such a piano at home. Even earlier than he, while he plays many times better than me … In short: I certainly believe that dreams can have a predictive power, or want to make something very clear to you. (Unknown)

Answer 10
Answer 9, I was also from answer 5; yes, I think so too, that our dreams have something to tell us. I note them all. Do you know what the weird thing is? My twinflame has recently had a new girlfriend and I have dreamed about her a few times. That she had a condition about which he told me later in reality … and something else. How can I know that? I don’t know that girl at all! I often dream about him, and therefore know a lot about him. In a certain dream he told me himself that he has been crazy about me for a long time. In another, I saw that he had drawn boxes in a booklet with the word Love in front of it, and behind it all photos of me. Strange huh? Or not. After all, twinflames think “together”, you no longer know what belongs to the other or to yourself. I sometimes also feel his hangover when he has stepped out, or his grief. Conversely, I don’t know, he doesn’t talk about it. (Unknown)