Q0641. Soul love and pregnancy?


Who has ever heard of soul loved ones who have been pregnant? with good / bad outcome? who ever dreamed about it.

Answer 1
My own experience about a child of twinflame: see question 009. See also question 337. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Thank you for the answers; I do not understand that so often goes wrong between soul lovers; is the ultimate way to pass on that love. (Unknown)

Answer 3
If it had not gone wrong in the previous life between twinflames and me, we would not have been such strong persons now. That it so often goes wrong has a purpose, namely to grow and become strong in the long term, so over lives. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Thank you, I can certainly do something with it, also found your story, finally, wowh a lot falls into place now, love. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Fortunately, that no longer plays such a big role for me now. (Unknown)

Answer 6 I had a
miscarriage of my twinflame, now the rejection is taking place. At meeting I would like to have a child in any case. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Well, to be honest, I think 4 children are enough together, shouldn’t think about being in the diapers again and neither is Twin, he told me myself. Then that soul reincarnates in a grandchild or something, it is about the soul and not about the body … (Unknown)