Q1183. When someone enters your spiritual space?


I do not know how I can formulate it differently than in my question. Recently I had the experience of encountering my twinflame. I recognize the stories of others and the description of Tiny on the homepage. The overwhelming unconditional love. At some point I stopped the relationship because it became too intense for me. For me it feels like the other person is constantly on my antenna. When I see him again, I no longer feel myself. Then I will be taken into him. A symbiosis that doesn’t feel right to me. I also had some kind of retirement while I was with him and talking to him, where I saw myself and could see very clearly that I want to determine everything myself. The shadow side of myself. Now I received a visit from the father of a friend of mine last Friday. The same thing happened. My house feels too small then. I want to open the doors. He fills the space. When he was gone I felt as if I had been on a roller coaster. Confused and my spiritual space is then completely taken up. I recognize this feeling. I also had that with my soul love. Today I received a text from the father. He is just like me an artist and wanted to share a thought. I got the same feeling again. As if he is sitting next to me and my space is being taken up by him. It also feels compelling to me. By doing a grounding exercise very carefully, I come back to myself again. A long introduction to my question: who recognizes this and someone knows what happens and how I can deal with it. I know that I am very sensitive. I have dreams, talk to others, including the deceased in my spiritual space, and sometimes I just know things. With love,

Answer 1
I recognize that very well Corrie I also experience it all at the soul level. In addition, I also have the tendency to come into contact with the deceased in the virtual world. It can be frightened if a spirit approaches you. with the best of intentions. The deceased would like to have contact with someone on earth. I am an intermediary for them as a medium to get them back in touch with an earthly loved one. I have experienced that very often, because they kill you because you have a bond with the virtual world. Let it come to you and it will all be fine.