Q0840. How can I avoid contact?


Well, it may sound strange between all the questions here about how you can get in touch with your twinflame. But I have the problem that I am in the situation that I and my twinflame occasionally meet each other “on a mandatory basis” on certain occasions and I actually want to avoid him as much as possible. I can no longer be confronted with him and have not seen or spoken to him for several weeks and I love it. Breathing space, time to find myself and to work on my own relationship. But I already know the date that we will see each other with certainty, and I look forward to it. Does anyone have an idea how I can protect myself when we are physically in 1 room? I no longer want him to come in to me so enormously and hurt me with his statements. I would prefer not to go at all, but I will not get away with it. So I’d like to hear your advice on how to handle this …

Answer 1
I recognize enormously from what you write. On the last occasion that I met my twinflame, I drank quite a bit. This only to shut me off for his energy and the intense power that comes in. Attracting and repelling is always the case. I can’t give you tips, but experience it exactly how you describe it. (Unknown)