S047. I thank god that he gave me my destiny to meet her in this life


I (man) met my soul love via the internet. From the first moment it was as if we have always known each other. come home. A love like we had never known before. So deep and intense. Without words you know what the other person means and feels.
I experience my soul love as something powerful, something very special, something that you will never see again, thank God that he gave me my destiny to meet her in this life.

We only have a relationship via the internet but it is a bit more intense than a normal crush. This is incomparable. A normal crush falls on. Soul love is eternal. My wife doesn’t know anything, is this cheating on you? I am married and have 4 children with my wife. My soul love is divorced. Although we know that we can never live without each other again, my children would never understand if I would abandon them. I would like to have a love affair with my soul love, because the desire becomes more and more towards each other. we feel each other’s pain. Better than nothing, I don’t want to live without my soul love. We only have contact via emails.
we do want to go a step further to call but where does it end? When we hear each other’s voices?

I now know that there is more. And I call on all youth, don’t just get married because an ordinary crush is blind and makes you unhappy. You only come across soul love when it is your time and that is unconditional love. Some have bad luck, they should never encounter him.
If you come across him / her, don’t let it go. It is a gift from heaven.
What I find most special is that very deep love, thinking of each other at the same time, typing in the same thought at the same time. When you meet him / her you know what you have always missed in your life and then you know what is meant by love.

Most people say that sex with your soul love is better than drugs , it is much more intense and it takes a long time. it is a feeling that is heavenly. if you are born again.

Soul love feels like something that never passes, that warmth inside, the feeling of being complete makes you rich and happy at the same time. G rdinary love is but a joke compared to soul love. If you know this then you are a happy person. A soul’s love is a lottery ticket. and not comparable to an ordinary love. Soul loves often end because the feelings are so intense.You can’t live without each other. You want to be together. If one is married then you have a problem. You feel the pain of each other, two people who suffer (1 soul) and then the third who doesn’t understand it. (spouse and children) There is no second soul love. You can never have this with someone else. Many people compare soul love and soulmates. A soulmate can have several family parents, children etc. A soul love is only one in your life.

Fate made us come together, it had to happen. I have faith in our future.
Be careful with your soul love, 1 life, 1 soul love.