Q0827. Soulmate


Can you have multiple soulmates?

Answer 1
Sure, you come in all shapes and sizes. A twinflame is a very close species, I have only experienced that once, but of course I cannot speak for others. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Certainly I have several in this life. I think you will all come across them in different lifetimes. Then there are those you meet with whom you have a strong bond from a previous life, not a soulmate but someone with whom you have (had) a strong karma. There is only 1 twinflame, your other literal half. If you type this question on the Google search engine, you will already get an answer on www.soulmatesxl.com nml. for question 369. This applies to all topics about twinflames, eg type twinflame and heart chakra on Google and roll there so answers from www.soulmatesxl.com that have already been given. Saves a lot of questions and waiting. (Who knows)