S217. For me it was and is a learning process of learning to let go


Seven years ago a colleague spoke to me one day just like that. He had never noticed me before. After a first innocent email, I immediately noticed that his writing style and appearance were very similar to mine. He also noticed this. Immediately the next day we informed each other by email that we do not get each other out of our heads and that we found this very strange. Because he was in a good marriage at that time, we decided to stop e-mailing. But in the days that followed it became more difficult not to have contact with each other. Finally we decided to have lunch together. Independently of each other, we decided during that lunch to indicate that, given his situation, we could not continue. The moment we sat down at the table was the first moment that I really saw him for the first time and could see him in his eyes.

The moment I looked into his eyes was like being struck by lightning. Actually it is an indescribable, all-overwhelming feeling as if you are floating in the air and not descending anymore. He had the same thing. We were immediately speechless and actually sat somewhat shocked across the entire lunch. The feeling was really too overwhelming.

My twinflame (yes, because he is for me) had a good marriage with two children at the time of our meeting. I didn’t have a relationship. Obviously, I then really wanted him to go for that all-surpassing love, but he was very loyal to his family and could not do this. It was a very difficult learning path for both him and me. I had to learn that that soul unity at that time did not automatically mean that you would continue together and he came to the conclusion that a very large part of himself was not expressed in his current relationship. He had completely suppressed this. The introduction to me was the start of his discovery of himself.Yet it was extremely difficult for us not to have contact with each other. The attraction and the desire to be together was so immense. After all, when I was with him I felt so complete. We visited each other regularly, which took about a year. You have to realize that we cried together for almost every meeting because of the fact that we were unable to continue together at that time. It was a very tough time. In the end it became too heavy and we separated ourselves for a year.

He did not inform his partner about his meeting. Understandable, because not every partner is on a wavelength where soul love is (directly) understood. Then it makes little sense to report this, certainly because that person cannot do anything with it. If you are in such a situation, I think it is most useful that you first find out and find out what you want and then explain this to your partner. I do not think that someone who has no experience with such a soul love cannot know what it means.

If you talk about the relationship with me and my twinflame, then his current relationship was an obstacle. Now looking back on the whole, we were also not ready to continue together. We both had to learn too much individually for that.

We both wanted to continue together. If only because the attraction was so indescribably strong. And with that meant not only physical, but there was an all-dominating urge to want to be together. Be normal.

We have never lost sight of each other over the years and have always supported each other. I am now also married and have a child. More than half a year ago he consciously contacted me again. We met again and you notice that everything that was there 7 years ago is still present. I also feel reunited with myself now that we are in contact again. The contact is taking shape again. We see how things are going.

For me it was and is a learning process of learning to let go. In addition, it is also a learning process of patience. For him I think it was self-discovery. After our very first encounter, a lot has changed in his life and he has come closer to himself.

What I found most special was the recognition and ‘ coming home ‘ when we looked each other in the eye for the first time and the connection that we, after all these years, still have when we email or see each other.

Eroticism was very passionate and intense, but difficult for me to judge. At the start of every relationship, eroticism is passionate and intense. I can, however, terribly long for a touch of his hands or id. The desire for physical connection.

The soul love feeling is all-embracing, completing, supernatural, spiritual, infinite and unconditional, forever.

The contact has never been broken. I have and can never let go of him in my mind. That also applies to him. You always stay in relationship with each other. In our case the learning path is not physically living with each other. The marriages that we have at the moment are needed in the here-and-now to give our other lessons or to give our current partners the lessons they need. That is also very important.

I find it very important to have ‘contact’ with my partner. I really want my partner to see my soul and know who I am as a whole.

My experience is very special and I think it is special that I read so many other stories from people who have experienced something similar. It is a wonderful gift if you can receive your soul love (or love) that will help you on your way. They are sometimes difficult lessons, but I know that I also want to learn them, so I asked for them myself.

My tip: Listen carefully to your heart and don’t get carried away by reason or rules. But do not get carried away by the overwhelming emotions, that too can have a very negative effect. See why you meet and what you have to teach each other, but above all enjoy being together and the all-embracing feeling. That is allowed. I whatever social setting you are in your daily life.