Q0826. Are we not being kept on the line?


Dear people, we are not kept on the line with all of us. Or be fooled? Surely there are enough men who know exactly how to respond to women’s feelings and what we want to hear? If it really is, would they go for us? Do they know how to bind many women in this way by keeping power over the other because they know it? I thought I wanted it so badly but I doubt him. He doesn’t really do anything but answer my mail. I feel I am the umpteenth challenge for him in a row. Fortunately, he has never had me and I think I could only hold you. And he’s probably already thinking about the next … Bah I don’t know does it exist? Success all and live on, don’t wait …

Answer 1
There are no doubts that there are enough men who know flawlessly how to keep a woman on the line. There is a very good way to find out if he really wants to go for you and that is by giving him the feeling that he is in control, while YOU are the one in charge. How do you do that? By showing him that you are interested, but never showing him everything about yourself. Stay a little mysterious. Does he stay curious about you? Does he want to go out with you again? Chances are that his interest is genuine. And above all: lead your own life, don’t give him the feeling that he is the most important thing in your life, even though he is, because otherwise your availability will become obvious to him. But it is not, because you are the main prize and he will know that too! Whether the twinflame principle really exists? No idea. I think it’s a matter of believing and experiencing. Just like the belief in God. No one has the hard evidence of His existence, just as no one can prove that the twinflame exists. The way we experience it differs per person. And that makes it so personal and fascinating. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Annoying for you to deal with a bad experience. twinflame connections do exist, when it happens to you you know it, but you can indeed ‘reason’ it afterwards, if you become uncertain about it. Not only certain men, but also certain women know exactly how to keep someone else on the line. This can have various reasons. The person in question is not always selfish, etc., but some cannot handle it openly, because it comes rather close. Unfortunately. I hope for you that the situation turns for the better and it becomes clearer whether in your case there is ‘abuse of the situation’ by the other person, or just awkwardness. Good luck! (Unknown)

Answer 3
Maybe not every day but today I join you !! I recognize this feeling very well! rotten and painful. (Unknown)

Answer 4
You cannot continue to criticize the other (ego point); there is too much that you have to work on yourself. you really can’t trust the other, bad basis for all kinds of love. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Dear people, am I the only one who gets a bit of a Viva feeling from this question? And thanks for the tips answer 1! As long as a man keeps you on the line, he may be your twinflame, but then he is clearly not ready for a relationship. I think: if you really feel it, you know what it’s like. I certainly do. On this site you will find some stories of successful twinflame relationships. They say perseverance, everything has to be removed, all ego, old emotions, etc. Perhaps just to expose yourself completely? (Unknown)