Q0819. Te afhankelijk?


I am too dependent on myself. I want too much contact to see each other. I don’t know if he shows up. He is the type that suddenly doesn’t come. How do you keep it in mind? The feeling and the mind. I also have a feeling that he is playing games and not just with me … I have reported only friendship. It is just a matter of withholding and not conceding. How do you do this? It attracts enormously. Even after certain things that have been said and even after certain things that I know. How can you be so captivated by someone? I’d rather push it away but it comes back like a boomerang. Very annoying.

Answer 1
Yes, I recognize that if you close it it will return as a boomerang. What works a bit is trusting that you cannot change the situation and that it is now expected to change. With no expectation I only mean all intermediate steps, the how. You can always trust that it will really work out for you in the end. I know, it remains difficult, but I notice that such an attitude gives less stress. Also because you know that you are not doing anything wrong yourself, now that you are ‘left’. You are not expected to wriggle around in all sorts of turns now, but not. You do not have that responsibility right now, it lies with him. And the process will continue, trust that. So you let go of the ‘how’, not the ‘what’. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Thank you answer 1, this is exactly what I wanted to say! So true all of them. The point is that you no longer worry too much or not at all about the how but only focus on the what. That it will happen is something that is certain, and how you can leave wonderful to the universe. That knows exactly how to handle everything so that it is done in the best possible way for everyone involved. But I also know myself; this is easier said than done. I learn that with small steps and relapses. I also have periods that I can worry enormously about the how, but it doesn’t help. You don’t get that look in the kitchen (of the universe), you don’t have to. You just have to have faith. If I shut myself off from everything that had to do with my twinflame, then it also came back to me like a boomerang. I saw signs of him everywhere and even once someone called my name and he had the same voice as my twin. I’ve never been as shocked as before. My heart almost jumped out of my throat. It was in a store and I looked around in a haggled way, but it was another man who called his girlfriend with the same name as me. (Unknown)