Q0809. Married with my girlfriend


was 13 years old when I met him. I was sure it was him .. Later he started a relationship with my girlfriend. And many years later he wanted me back. I then let him go, out of respect for my girlfriend. He is now married to my girlfriend and have a child together. I am now 29 and he is not going out of my mind. I always thought it would go away .. But I just can’t do it. I wish I had never let him go! I can’t help it .. I wish them all the luck .. I know he knows .. And he, that I know .. We don’t talk about it. That really scares me. And sometimes I think I’m imagining it all. But when I talk to him, it just clicks, how it clicks with no one else. Or is he just social to me? Do I see it all wrong? So my question is … HELP?

Answer 1
Nothing happens for nothing in life. You write that he came back to you and then you let him go. If you hadn’t done that, would you have had less respect for your girlfriend? Or should it just be that he still has a few things to work out with her, karmically speaking? I think you have acted correctly, you have set aside your ego and your own wishes. Maybe you are supposed to become a single parent? Just something that comes to mind, because you sound altruistic and independent. (Who knows)

Answer 2
This indeed sounds like karma is involved. You have done well, although I understand that you are now in a lot of pain and regret. Still things are as they should be, you can count on that. I am also in a relationship with someone other than my twinflame and now understand that I had to work out karma with my partner. It is very difficult for my twinflame to see me and my partner together, which is very understandable. I feel his pain, and I also have pain myself, but it IS no different now. This must have its course and someday it will be ready and there will be room for twinflame and me. (Unknown)