Q0756. Why let go?


I am healed, I can let go, I can continue independently, I am not dependent on him, but I cannot get him out of my head. Today I have been “in conversation” with him all day long, no one believes that, does he? I myself can hardly believe it, am I crazy? and yet he is there all day long in my head and we have entire conversations. Who knows this and how should I deal with this? what’s the meaning of this?

Answer 1
The fact that you still think so much about him and talk to him suggests that you have not really let go. I don’t know how to do that myself, I also look for answers to that in my life. It’s not easy! Good cheer! (Unknown)

Answer 2
Sometimes I think, maybe in our case it is not the intention to let go (the contact at the soul level), you become more and more intertwined with each other and this just never goes away and only gets closer. The only question is, how do you fit that in your daily “normal” life, is that still possible? tricky though! (Unknown)

Answer 3
Your story is a recognition for me, I also have entire conversations remotely. in difficult moments, I call him and then I feel him energetically with me. I feel intense love for him but I also feel that we have something to learn from each other and that we will not get an earthly love affair. Enjoy it … don’t worry that you will not get it out of your head (yet). Apparently you still need each other. And sometimes it gets really too crazy … .. look for distraction …! Good luck and warm regards. (A light worker)

Answer 4
There is a difference between letting go and letting go. Some people are sometimes confused that you have to completely forget your soulmate, but this is not the case. It is good to work on your own process. That continuous feeling of your Soul Love is also a sign that we must resolve our fears. The more we try to forget our Soul Love, the more we will feel our Soul Love. When the process is complete, the rest will only take place. Which lesson do you still have to learn? Upon seeing your Soul Love this will naturally come up. Gr. (Alicia S.)

Reaction of the person asking the question I can manage that letting go, continuing with my life, etc., but he is just always there and it took some getting used to, new to me. I also have no idea what lesson to learn from this. Well I wonder, would it be easier to accept (for me and especially environment) if he was only soul, instead of soul with a nice thing around it haha. (Unknown)

Answer 5
I know what you mean. I also released my twin, at least I can now be myself without being dependent on him. I know what belongs to me and what belongs to him. I feel well balanced and am happy with my life. I also experience that he is in my head every day. I see it as part of my life, the bond I have with him. I hear him, but often do not respond back. (Sanne)

Answer 6
@ answer 4: What you say is true! By seeing the other person again (after a long time) it quickly becomes clear which lesson you still have to learn. In my case, I realized that I was waiting and hoping for something that might not be there at all. It became clear to me that I was thinking for him, something that is impossible! No matter how great the sense of belonging, you simply cannot look into the head of the other. Unless you can read your thoughts, but that is exceptional … In my case, the fact that I saw him again led me to take the next step in my development. Not an unimportant step. He doesn’t respond to me, not as I hoped, but I don’t blame him. Because I have allowed my thoughts to run with me. He cannot be blamed for anything, nor can he let me walk now. The only thing I think is: “It’s a shame for you not to have me by your side, because I have a lot to offer you. But if you don’t want that / k! until then it may be meant for someone else. ”Really, it is pure awareness without being able to continue. Literally enough to yourself. Very liberating. (Unknown)