Q0801. Are you following your heart or your soul mission?


I have never followed my heart because all my life I know very well what my soul mission is. That soul mission is so strong that I put my personal happiness aside for that. Incidentally with energetic outcome, I am not unhappy about that. Are you following your heart or soul mission for this life? Or do the two go together?

Answer 1
How can you know what your soul mission is? And what is yours? (If you want to tell this). (Unknown)

Answer 2
I find this question very interesting. I have been wondering the same thing for a long time, but with the necessary patience I think the answer has come. In my case, I think that I definitely go for my soul assignment, although I do not yet know exactly what it consists of. I have an idea. It has to do with my twin’s work and he has done it several times. It is something humanitarian all the way. Do you fully know what it is and what it is? I can speak of genuine great happiness that all this goes together with my heart. We are in our early twenties and are growing together at an incredible speed. Partly because of this, I think we know that we will come together very soon. I got an impression of how things will evolve this week, the next two months and finally our meeting within three months. I follow my feelings and I also see to what extent these inspirations actually become reality. Does anyone have any experiences with insights about your future and finally see that it actually goes exactly the same way? I’m very curious about this. Love, x (Unknown)

Answer 3
Answer 1 (and 2: thank you for your response): that is the hardest thing in the world, knowing what your soul assignment is. I was always jealous of people who always knew what they had to do in life. Not realizing that I myself showed the same determination. You want one, so from your heart, and the other attracts you. That which attracts you is then the soul’s mission. And it sometimes takes a long time before it reveals itself, so does the accompanying happiness or passion. In my opinion, the soul mission is a program, or a coded plan or an imprint. What you also want from your heart is what you still had to clean up temporarily, something that was caused in a past life, I think. If one says: “I put my soul and salvation into it,” I think that one is busy with the soul mission. (Who knows)