Q1392 Twinflames?


About 3 years ago I met him. I can still remember that moment very well and my first thought when I saw him was: “who are you?” Then a period began in which he wanted to do everything for me all the time and contacted me, but I was like: ” you are so assured of yourself that you get everything you want ”and I had the feeling: I must unlearn him. I think I was the first to start divesting, also for fear that I might love this person very much. Then attract a period, divest. Recently it is as if we are harmonizing and becoming “buddies”. There is great confidence in each other and I wonder if we are twinflames or not. I have learned a lot in recent years and have made great progress in my development, so … I wonder if this is indeed the case. What I used to find difficult, unconditional love, is now something that has become much easier. I am very curious about your answer. Greetings….
Last night I had a dream of a couple who stood by me and what I know in reality. Suddenly I saw the man twice and not the woman. The woman had changed to the man with the same face, body, etc. and she said to me: “from now on you will see this more often” I looked and looked and was very surprised. Hence my question: could it be that we are indeed twinflames? Thanks.

Answer 1
Yes you are twinflames, try to make that clear to you on different ways. That is what your twinflame has already done. But then you did not see that.

Answer 2
Yes, my opinion, twinflames in full, is certainly recognizable