Q0793. Why yes / no soul love?


How do you know if someone is your soul love, or someone “just” from a past life … or maybe you want to think that because you are just in love with the person? I have had a “relationship” for 4 years with someone who is just such a strange relationship. We do not have a love affair, but we do feel attracted to each other, at least not very much in a romantic sense anymore … or maybe so. In any case, it is very difficult because he is just in a relationship. But between us it is really terrible, we make life miserable for each other by having terrible arguments, never understanding each other and still contacting each other …… I am literally crazy about what is between us or is actually not there but what I feel very strong!

Answer 1
This seems to me to be someone from a past life, not a soul love. He may have been your father in a past life or someone to whom you have been married off, someone who has abused you, or a dominant older brother. Now it seems that you have to make it up to this life again, not a love affair. (Who knows)