Q0789. He doesn’t want me?


My twinflame does not want to attract and repel me by the many. He is now registered on just about every dating site. I’m really scared of losing him. What can I do? Will he get a relationship with another?

Answer 1
The thought that immediately occurred to me when I read your question: “He does not want to attract and repel you by the many?” But isn’t that a process that both of you are involved in? Aren’t you going to charge yourself for that? I think you should learn from this and grow personally. That growth does not always have to take place simultaneously and that can be very painful, but you cannot stop it or force anything in it, no matter how difficult that is. I wish you a lot of strength and wisdom. Try to focus on your own life right now and have faith. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I understand that this is very difficult for you dear companion. What I want to say to you is that every person must follow his own path. If he and you really belong together, it’ll be fine someday. And that can take a long time, I speak from experience. For imaging; I have been in love with my twinflame for 17 years and I know it will be 30 years before we are together. So be it. The meantime is apparently needed to get both prepared for this relationship. Takes a lot of pain and effort, although there are also some beautiful moments. But that is hardly in proportion. And yet, those few pearls of moments always give me the necessary strength to persist. I can’t help it either, wouldn’t know how to get rid of this. No, a soul love is forever, and is not the easiest assignment. Well worth the effort. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes it is definitely worth it and it always makes you stronger, sooner or later. Yet I am happy that I did not know in advance how damn heavy it was and still is. The hardest I have had. Fortunately, strong energies are available to me for a long time, otherwise I would not have known what to do. (Who knows)