Q0798. We read the same book


I recently found out that my twin is working in exactly the same book as me. I almost finished it and there are quite a few spiritual things in it, including about Buddhism, souls, life after death etc. That is part of the storyline, so it is not an esotheric book or something. But … as I read, a big smile appeared on my face; would he be working on these things and understand them? If so, it is much farther than I ever thought. Is this coincidence or does coincidence not exist?

Answer 1
Yes, that is a sign that you are pulling together on a spiritual level. It will come sooner or later. My twin has now read (via Facebook) that I am in my last life. I felt the moment he read it (Sunday morning 11 am) and how he was shocked. He may have thought in the past: Well I’m with another lady, temporarily, and in the next life I will happily continue my twinnie. Well that will no longer work and now there is a spiritual leap for him too and hopefully we can end this life together with a joint task. (Who knows)