Q0772. Twinflame page on Wikipedia?


It would be very nice to include experiences with signs and signals related to twinflames on Wikipedia. However, to my surprise, it appears that the TWIN-SOUL topic is blocked on Wikipedia. I wanted to transfer a page from the German DUALSEELE, with permission from the author, but somehow the T-word may not be used. Who is responsible for that again? I raised the issue with Wikipedia to open a page on the subject of Twin Soul, but I don’t get an answer back. Maybe someone else succeeds?

Answer 1
In my opinion, you can simply create a page about Twin Souls. It seems to me a tight plan to gradually open this up. Also for the recognition. More and more people are receptive to this information and more and more twinflames will meet each other. And it’s time. (Lilly)

Answer 2 It
is certainly time to make this phenomenon more public. I would really like my soulmate to come across this topic once he is on the internet. I have no idea if he has ever heard of it. Do not dare to alert him to it himself because if he is not ready, he will reject it and declare me crazy. I am just patient. (Unknown)

Answer 3
It is about time to just be open and honest to each other and to the world, not to hide (you only have your self with that). I just feel that a lot of twinflames are reuniting, that something beautiful is coming. I think it’s about time too. The new era is coming. I believe Soulmates is on Wikipedia. Dear greetings (Elselina)